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Powerpoint help, please!


Hi All

During a recent workshop my PP slides spontaneously (or so it seemed) started appearing as much smaller than full screen - full height but only about two-thirds width. I may have inadvertently touched something as I did move the laptop at one point. I now can't find out how to restore the full screen version. I have done a quick search on Help but can't find anything obvious. I will keep looking but thought some of you good folks may have come across this before and can help me.

Thanks in advance


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  1. Notes page

    Hi Jenny

    I think you are looking at "notes"…click view and unselect "notes page" Theres also a very small square (1 of 3) at the very bottom left of the screen…click the 1st one.


    If not that then right click on desktop, properties and check settings. No 1 should be selected.

    Good luck


  2. This is PowerPoint 2010

    Thanks Steve. I think I have a newer PP version – the little icons are on the right now for some obscure reason known only to MS.  I was in normal view already and can’t find the check settings, although I do have display settings which shows 1. Mobile PC Display.

    I feel it must be something very straightforward as it happened in the middle of a presentation.

    Anyone else help??


  3. 2010

    Ahhh I am still in old clunker 2003 version…new one coming in a few weeks.

    Computers can be very annoying!

  4. Could you have inadvertently adjusted your screen resolution?

    If you use a square monitor & subsequent resolution (1024×768) the PPT fills the screen. If you use a widescreen laptop & resolution like 1280×800 it does cut off the sides instead of elongating the slide.

  5. That worked!

    Hi Zonypony

    Well, that seems to have fixed it. I adjusted the resolution down from its setting and got the slide full screen on the projected image and (rather distorted) on my laptop too. I think in the past this has always happened automatically when I have connected the laptop to a projector. I did have some issues with the projector-laptop cable (it kept falling out due to awkward positioning) so I wonder if that messed up the settings.

    Thank you so much for your help – I am due to deliver the same course in a couple of weeks so was rather anxious about it.

    Does anyone else know why this may have happened? Now that I have disconnected it from the projector I’ve noticed that the slide on my laptop is still showing with the black edges which I am sure it didn’t used to before this happened.

    Thanks for all help.


  6. I have 2010 Jenny & am happy to help if I can

     If you want to quickly send me a copy of the presentation I can upload it on mine & see if the problem is the presentation or the way your lap top is displaying. If it is the presentation I can see if I can work out how to solve it

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Jennifer James

Training Consultant

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