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Practical applications of Johari Window?


I'm writing an assignment on the Johari Window theoretical model and I'm trying to find examples of its practical application within training sessions. Have you used the Johari Window? Was it successful? Could you share your ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.
Lorna Hector

7 Responses

  1. Johari Window
    Hi Lorna,

    I suggest that you talk to caroline Reid at as they are the UK distributors of a board game called Know Me which is based on the Johari window. It provides an innovative, practical and engaging way to cover this model. Please feel free to mention to Caroline that I suggested you get in touch with her.


  2. Johari Window

    I have used Johari Window a number of times – mainly as a self awareness tool, and to demonstrate the benefits of accepting feedback and being more open in yourself.

    I have used it in management skills training, personal awareness training and counselling, and it has always been well received.

    More than happy to chat through if you like. My number is 07775550818

  3. Joe and Harry
    Hi Lorna,
    Like the other respondents to your question I’ve used the Johari Window in various training sessions : facilitation skills for trainers; facilitation for meetings; self-awareness for managers; feedback skills; etc.

    In general I’ve found that it goes down well, but more so with those who have a graduate level or equivalent education, and I would be inclined not to use it with shop floor level employees particularly those who have had little previous exposure to self-awareness type training.

    As with all models some people love it and others don’t.

    Please drop me a line if you want to discuss it in further detail,


  4. Johari window
    I’ve used in a variety of a ways in training sessions.
    One which has always worked really well as an icebreaker for groups who know each other or work together already .A way to develop relationships in a way which can be of equal use to all.
    Levels out the cliquieness of some people knowing each other better than others.
    Contact me if you need any further info

    Tina Cook

  5. Using Johari’s window
    Hi Lorna,

    I have used most in feedback situations, particularly to explain to people why feedback from another individual is useful and sometimes to justify use of things like video camera’s which can allow you to help yourself on blindspots…

  6. More than meets the eye!
    I have only ever seen Johari’s window used as a very simple prioritisation tool…it sounds as though there is a lot more to it..could someone enlighten me?

  7. Leadership & Management development weekent for SMT of a computi
    Hi Lorna,
    Yes, I used the model very successfully with a team of 8 who formed the SMT for a computer retailing company.

    In a nutshell, each member of the team completed their own grid. Then, each additional member of the team spent time completing a separate grid for each member of the team over the course of a couple of hours. This went well because each member of the team then went for a walk with each another, changing over at 30-minute intervals to work with another coleague.

    During each 30-minute session each team member talked and explained why they had given feedback in the areas they had. Some information as you might expect was known to each manager / director and a lot of information was not.

    This method worked, because it was timed early on the second day, they were allowed enough time to write down , objectively with examples what they wanted to say and had sufficient time to talk through the feedback.

    Post weekend feedback to me was tremendously positive with all participants declaring that this was the most powerful, rewarding aspect of the programme.

    Good luck,

    Partner, Emphasis Training


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