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Preparing to deliver a new training course


Hi all,

I'm interested in your process for learning unfamiliar training materials. Since I never get around to looking at notes in class, I usually just read through the materials over and over again until they 'stick'. However, I'm convinced that my way isn't the only way and probably not the best way either.

How do you go about learning to deliver a new training course? Are there any tools you use, or steps you go through?



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  1. Dry-run

    I can totallyrelate to your point as reading notes until the information sticks doesn't work for me either.

    I found the only way to help me was to have a dry run of the course with training colleagues or a small number of the 'user' group.  This was on the understanding that I would jump in and out of delivery mode to discuss the ebst way to deliver parts or get feedback as to whether elemnts were working or not.  As long as people knew it was a work in progress and not the final course, it was fine.

  2. I usually type them up

    .No matter now good the materials, if i didn't write them, they don't stick, so I usually type them up in the format I prefer, as if I'd written them myself.

    Works for me, but we're all different!

  3. Colour coding

    Type up your notes in very short sections with lots of spacing. 

    Colour code the parts you are doing, the parts delegates are doing and any media you are using.

    This way you only need to remember your "colour" and you are only ever 2 minutes away from handing over power by way of questions, handouts or video etc

  4. Cornell approach to note-taking


    This method helps:

    I also used to make my own questions on the material  and practised answering them and developing my understanding of what I read more deeply. Understanding something more deeply than a surface knowledge leads to much better retention and recall. Finally, explaining information/concepts to other people also aids learning. as they say, if you want to learn something, teach it! Hope this helps. Regards. Adrian.

  5. Thanks

    Thanks Adrian

    This looks a little more scientific than my "packet of post its" method.

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