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Presentation ideas – training cycle



I am quite new at this and I need to deliver a fun and interactive 20 minute presentation about the training cycle model.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Spaghetti

    Hi Rachael

    0 to 10 minutes

    I’m thinking a bridge between 2 chairs made of dried spaghetti that has to hold the weight of a mars bar.

    10 to 15 minutes

    De brief…How could the bridge have been better. (What was lacking in the Plan, Do. Reflect, Conclude stages?)

    15 to 20 minutes

    Brief Explanation of 4 learning styles…identify how each delegate approached the task differently. Link back to learning cycle


    Tools Needed



    Mars Bar

    2 Chairs (placed about 2.5 to 3 spaghetti lengths apart)

    Sticky tape


     PS: Never tell delegates they are about to have "fun"…if they do its

    ‘s great but let them decide! "Playing a game" should also be avoided!

  2. Context

    Hi Rachael,

    I would suggest that the type of presentation you try would vary depending on the context you’re delivering in.

    For example, I would try different approaches depending on whether I was trying to give others an overview of the cycle compared to what I would deliver if it was a presentation as part of a recruitment process.

    The outcomes for both are rather different, with the first being about raising others knowledge of the cycle, the second being about getting the job!

    Whilst this might not directly answer your question, I’d say it’s worth spending a few minutes considering what you want them to be able to do after your presentation (is it to be able to explain the training cycle or offer you a job) – then formulate your presentation around this. 

    If you want any ideas, and are happy to share the context in which you’re delivering, I’d be happy to add in any further thoughts.

    Best wishes,


  3. intuitive learning v intentional learning

    Hi Rachael

    Very often I have found that the differences between intuitive learning and intentional learning make for interesting reflection about the development and value of the learning cycle….this can be demonstrated in a "fun" way* by looking at the matter of learning how to put a nail in with a hammer without hittng your own thumb!

    *Fun for whom?


  4. Training cycle presentation



    I am delivering the presentation to other collegues and the hopeful outcome is that they understand the model and can then apply it themselves in the future.


    I want the session to be interactive though rather than them just listening to me babble on!

  5. Learning Cycle

    Hi Rachael

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how familliar are you with the Learning Cycle and how it links to Learning Styles?

    This will determine how you aproach the session…loads of info on the internet so spend an hour reading and you will be as up to speed as you need to be for this… (I can hear the tennis balls and fluffy toys being thrown at the screen now!)

    The exercise is only a means to a discussion so it’s no good just having interaction and fun"for the sake of it…

    Any exercise that lasts about 10 minutes will do as long as you can identify the link to the Learning Cycle at the end.

    You need a strong opening statement…ie in 20 minutes time you will all know why some men never read the instructions before pressing all the buttons!

    Closing statement…link to opening statement…

    Hope you will let us now how you got on!

  6. Reply


    Thanks guys. Yes Ian I would like some ideas if you have some! My creative side is not fully engaged yet and I am presenting this on Friday. I have all the information I just need a few ideas or starting points on how I can structure the presentation and get the delegates engaged. My training manager is also one of the delegates!


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