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Prezi Has a Make Over


13 Responses

  1. Just because

    Just because you can replace PowerPoint I’m not sure you should.

    I have been to quite a few Prezzi Presentations and it doesn’t take long for the nausea to set in. Next time I will take ginger snaps and seabands with me.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with PowerPoint when used correctly so rather than have the whizzy, roller coaster, over the hills and down the dales experience of Prezzi, people would be much better off learning to use PowerPoint .

    PowerPoint isn’t so bad!

    As the old saying goes.. "if it aint broke don’t try to fix it" (just use it properly!)

  2. why hasn’t prezi yet supplanted PowerPoint?

    ….I reckon that it is because you have to buy prezi, wheras PowerPoint comes "free" with all the other MS software most of us use as a default.

    Prezi certainly looks really good, but then I’ve seen (some, well OK, a bit of) PowerPoint that looks really good as well; if prezi did replace PowerPoint as the medium of choice, how long would it be before people were whingeing about "death-by-prezi", in the same way that back in the early 80s people used to moan about "death-by-vu-foil"?


  3. Prezi & PowerPoint

    I find Prezi irritating both as a user and when watching a presentation. Would actually prefer death by powerpoint to the sea sickness that Prezi promotes. I use PowerPoint to the extent that the output cannot be recognised as a PowerPoint and agree with Steve that if we learn to use the tool and it features the results can be extremly effective.

    Attached is a link to some applications that work alongside PowerPoint to add a little difference:


  4. Great add ons

    Great list of PPT add ons there. Pity none of them are free.

    Next task of the day is to find some free ones.

  5. PowerPoint

    Hi Steve, I have tried some of the free add ons in the past each one made the application unstable, wish I could remember which so I could provide you with a list of those to avoid but I removed them as quick as I downloaded them

  6. Paper from 53

    I’ve started using the programme/app ‘Paper’ by the company 53 for some presentations and where it fits it’s fantastic, it also works like the best interactive whiteboard on the planet. Take a look here:

  7. Technology

    I think it’s also worth pointing out that if your PowerPoint presentation was sleep inducing then Prezzi or any other technology isn’t going to make you any better.

    I’ve noticed over the last few months Prezzi becoming more popular at seminars etc and the bullet points are now on a zooming in and out rollercoaster instead of the linear motion we are so used to.

    I particularly like it when the red pointer is directed at the screen in little circles to emphasis how important one of the bullet points is.

  8. As if by magic…

    It won’t run on my system; another reason to avoid Prezi.  I’m seeing Prezi developing as people are also trying out Pecha Kucha presentations on unsuspecting audiences.

    *Hint – if you’re going to present in Pecha Kucha style, please make sure you’ve warned the audience beforehand.

  9. Feedback negative

    I would like to use it because I find PPT tired but when I last saw a Prezi someone in the audience said they had a headache. I’m sure there is a good way of using both to their potential whilst not alienating sections of the audience.

    — Carl Duncker Trainer, Chartered Marketer, Entrepreneur for marketing courses by traininaday

  10. Creating with a purpose

    I think it is all about how you want to use both Powerpoint and Prezi. Design and layout is key.

    For beginners on Prezi they use everything they can to make it move and swirl and this is not always good. But having a design in mind, working on it, getting colleagues to view it and working on it a bit more; it makes it more creative giving specific powerful messages and then digging into them further.

    But I also agree that this can be achieved on Powerpoint. Not many people investigate in what you can actually achieve in Powerpoints. I hardly know any of the functions compared to one of my colleagues.


    But I think once you know your way around both of them, choose what you want to do and start from a ‘blank sheet’ designing from scratch and making every presentation unique then you are heading in the right direction.

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Garry Platt

Senior Consultant

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