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Pricing of training for non-profit organization


I am working with a client (not-for-profit) who is developing a two-week Introductory level: journalistic writing, selling/marketing, management, training program. I am trying to identify the pricing scale difference between for-profit and not-for-profit.

After the program is developed, I imagine that in the for-profit world this being charged at ~ $1000 - $1500 per participant, is this correct?

What would you think the price would be for ~15 people in a non-profit organization?
Andrea Mantineo

4 Responses

  1. Response to your question
    Framework works exclusively with not-for-profit organisations in the UK. Fee charging is pretty much a negotiation – what you want, how much they can afford, what the minimum is you’re prepared to work for, etc.
    Outside London, typical per day fee rates for trainers and consultants working with publicly or voluntarily funded not-for-profit organisations seem to range from £250 up to £500. More for statutory authorities.
    Hope this helps as one guide.

  2. Pay rates in not for profit sector
    I’ve recently been contracted to prepare a and deliver a one day workshop on Mentoring for a not-for-profit organisation in the UK. The rate was 800 pounds for prep and delivering it twice. Rates are pretty flexible and most organisations don’t have a clue what they should offer as they have little experience in this area.

    You participation fee $1000 – $1500 i feel is to low for the sevices that you are going to give. With a two week introductory about the same as for profit or less 10 to 15% – depending on the vendor.

  4. Study the organisation
    from my experience another factor that will affect ypur pricing is the imporyance attaced to the training. For example some statutory bodies will go beyond the upper limit quoted by Tom, if there are new legislation pending or if the organisation has or had recently been under public attention. Try and find out something about the climate of the non-profit organisation.


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