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Professional Qualifications


I've been working as a Training Manager for approx 4 years now and landed in the role at a previous employer as a promotion based on my coaching ability as a Manager.

I completed an internal TTT course but have never completed any official training qualifications. I have successfully secured 2 further training positions since that original role and none have asked about my training qualifications - however, my role now includes an element of internal recruitment and I'm seeing a number of candidates with CTP and other such like qualifications.

So, my question is - should I be looking at a professional qualification or is my experience generally enough? And, if I should, what's the best to go for?

Chris Williams

3 Responses

  1. reading between the lines
    I don’t mean to be rude but your posting suggests that you have changed jobs three times in the past four years.

    To me that would raise more questions than the matter of a “proffessional” (sic) qualification.

    Who do you want to impress with the post nominal letters?; your own self esteem, your (prospective) employer or the people you are recruiting. Answering this could give you a degree of answer to your post!

  2. Qualifications
    I met someone once who proudly announced that he had studies at the university of life. The trouble was it was clear he had got a referal not a distinction.
    It is perfectly possible to acquire great skills, knowledge and expertise without formal study. And some employers respect that. However, it is also true that most ‘professions’ require people to achieve a certain standard usually connected to a qualification. If you are competing in the market place it is understandable that most employers would – all other things being equal – choose a qualified person over someone unqualified. Personally, I’d be looking for something more than the CTP as a minimum.
    Part of getting qualified is the rubber stamp of approval, the badge, the right of passage, the certificate on the wall. But the other part is the value of the study itself and the breadth and depth of learning you can take from it. The certificate is symbolic. The learning is what can really make the difference, and that is what I am looking more for when I am recruiting.
    There is a fast track CTP you might consider but as you are a training manager I’d cut straight to the chase and look for a qualification that relates to your current role and your future ambitions.
    But if you do decide to keep relying on the university of life, please remember to study just as hard, collect evidence of how you have used your learning, and judge your progress against a high, professional level standard.
    Best of luck

  3. Professional Qualifications
    Hi Chris & Graham,

    I am working as a trainer in the States and have been reading Training Zone for a couple of years now. I have certifications with both Microsoft and CompTIA. With Microsoft I am a Certified Master Instructor in both Office 2000 & 2003 and a Certified Technology Trainer (CTT+) with CompTIA. I was wondering what is involved in the CTP and if you are using the MOS certifications as well, as a standard for applications trainers.

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