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I'm sure that here on TZ members had profiles that visitors could when you look for a profile of a member all you get is an activity record of their comments etc, no bio at all

Am I being thick in not being able to find them?

Rus Slater

11 Responses

  1. Personal choice

    Hi Russ,

    Members can choose whether or not to provide this information. As Steve said, yours is visible when you click on your user-name. However, it would only be visible to registered members.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards


  2. well that explains it then!

    maybe there has been a slow change of view of folk who ask and answer questions….my memory is that in the past pretty much everyone who posted a question had a profile of biographical data , whereas now, when I go to see the profile of (particularly askers of questions), there seems to seldom be any information.

    so a note to new members and people who post questions……why not put a profile of yourself on TZ? It establishes a presence and adds to your visibility!

  3. Post and go

    I’m always amazed by those that post questions and are never seen again…

    At least 2 examples on the front page now….

  4. Post and go

    You’re right, some do just post and go, some members, like yourselves are very active, some have been members for a while but lurk rather than contribute, that’s why TZ is such a melting pot. We did have a ‘who’s who’ section a while ago but that was an opt-in function too. When we went over to the new platform last year, we decided that members it was easier for members to have info attached directly to their profile, offering the discussion group membership option and the blog option too. If you have any ideas of other functionality you would like to see incorporated, do let me know and I will see if there is a case for it.

    Thanks again



  5. TZ Comments

    Hi Verity

    On some forums the management sometimes add comments (like you have just started to do) to encourage further input from visitors.

    It would be nice if the 100’s of people who read the posts left a little comment, even if it just says "I agree" or "rubbish" (this would probably be after they have read one of my posts!)

    There is lots to learn from having a rant on a forum so I hope others will start ranting too!

  6. I agree!

    I do try to comment when I think something is interesting, but often have my hands full running all the other bits and pieces. However, like Big Brother, we are always watching in case there is any bad behaviour. On the whole TZ members are pretty vocal and it’s great to get feedback. It means contributors have to think about what they are saying and try and add to the discusssion, of course it can get out of hand (NLP springs to mind!) Thank goodness for people like you who do add something to the mix.


  7. Re I agree
    In my opinion we need more discussions like the one on NLP, not fewer.
    My general impression of TZ is that over the last year or so the topics and articles (and the increase of PR and thinly veiled advertising) have dumbed down.
    With more interesting and hard-hitting (and yes, controversial) articles the commenters will return and activity levels will return to where they were a couple of years ago.
    (sorry for The BBish)

  8. In response to alexjtaylor

    Hi Alex

    I just wanted to jump on as community manager and say first of all, thanks for your feedback, it’s always interesting to hear the varying views of our members.  Feedback has generally been good about the tone and quality of articles on site, but that is not intended to devalue your opinion – it has been noted.

    We are always thinking of our members, and Verity citing the NLP debates as being troublesome is her trying to submit an example of when we feel the community has been soured.  This not only makes extra work for us but it can be damaging to the atmosphere and upsetting for our contributors/members.  We won’t always shy away from controversy, but history has taught us that certain topics are not healthy to host here.

    What we try and do is strike a balance between what is interesting and sometimes provocative and what we feel is the ‘need to know’ stuff.  Our news and articles mainly come from contributors and members, this ensures that we cater for a variety of tastes in content and style too.  Have you considered writing for us?  I’m sure if there is a topic you think is under-represented here we would publish it for you.

  9. Time

    Hi Becky,

    Thanks for the reply. I did once consider writing a few articles for TZ, but I’m afraid it’s always the same excuse of not having enough time! Also, as you might have seen from my previous comments, I’m not much of a wordsmith…

    I’ll try to reply in private in due course with a few suggestions of topics that I or others might be able to expand on there.


  10. well that wandered off the topic! ūüėČ

    Hi All

    Having just posted a question to find out what the score was with the folk who remain anonymous, it seems to have scratched a bigger itch…..

    Thanks to all for your comments


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Rus Slater


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