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Psychometrics – beginners guide needed!


I have very limited experience of psychometrics, but need to know more.
The company I work for wants to start testing staff who either have the potential to become, or are already employed as managers, so that we can put in place a development programme specific to their particular needs. This is part of a greater succession planning project.
Can anyone recommend a website or book that can outline each test and what it actually reports on? Or recommend a test that they use?
I have the feeling that if this turns out to be a success we may well be required to roll out psychometric use to recruitment.
I understand that we need to have a qualified person to be able to administer the tests - I'd be grateful for some personal insights on this too.
Finally, has anyone ever experienced any drawbacks when using psychometric tests?

Many thanks

Lucie Jerome

8 Responses

  1. Pshchometrics
    Hi Lucie

    I guess the best answer is it should not be undertaken lightly – a little knowledge can be dangerous. The assessment tools used should be appropriate – and only part of the processs

    The CIPD offers guidance on the use of psychometrics:
    There are a variety if providers most of their web sites offer outlines of their services and products plus thye produce paper based catalogues:

    OPP Oxford Psychological Press:


    These are only a few there are many more. I/ we offfer support in designing assessment and development process if you want more help feel free to “pick my brains”.

    Good luck

    Chris Morrall

  2. Informatin about psychometric testing
    Hi Lucie

    The BPS also has a website that is dedicated to assisting people to understand and use psychometric assessment. There is a lot of useful information about the tests and also about what BPS level A & B testing qualifications mean.

    It is free to access the BPS site at

    Within the site there is also an online register of people who are qualified at BPS level A and B so this is a useful and easy way of checking whether a service provider is qualified.

    Warm regards


  3. Possible Solution
    Hi Lucie
    Just to add to the debate from someone who has gone through this and ended up doing BPS Level A ..
    There is one very good product that doesn’t require Level A – although it doe require a short course in it’s adminstration. The product is Prevue and can be found at
    I’ve used it extensively- particularly for preinterview assessments but if you set it up properly you can use it for all sorts of things.
    hope you get sorted.

  4. Thank you
    Hi Guys
    Just like to thank each of you for your guidance – this has certainly been of great help.
    Kind Regards

  5. A Useful Development Tool
    Hi Lucie, sorry to be so late in the debate!

    We use a British personality profiling model called Insights Discovery. If your company is looking for something to “weed out the rubbish” this won’t do it, but if they’re genuinely after something that will help point up the developmental needs of your candidates at the same time as making them more self-aware and understanding their current strengths, this is a great model. You can have an outsider administer the model and facilitate its use, while you decide whether it’s worth getting accredited yourselves.

    Feel free to email me for more details and the link to Insights’ website.


  6. Pandora’s Box
    I fully agree with the a little knowledge can be a dangerious thing comment earlier.
    The real down side is the individuals that are let loose to give feedback on the basis of what they think the toll is illustrating.
    Best bet is to start with a professional providing a high quality service, then you and your colleages can decide if this tool, when used correctly is delivering a value adding service to your business. If it is you can start knowledge transfer and training to gain these skills on an in house basis. When you are proficient, you can deliver the service yourself but with the confidence that you are doing the job properly.
    Remember Psychometrics do not replace the need for other good management practices in succession planning. If someone says that their product will make the decision for you, they are realy only a sales rep.

  7. Using Psychometrics for the first time
    As a regular user of psychometrics, including personality profiling, cognitive reasoning tests, in-rtays and group discussions etc, I know what tremendous benefit they can bring both to in-house assessment as well as external recruitment. I’m qualified to Full Level B and would be delighted to discuss the relevant merits of say 16PF and OPQ etc.

  8. one question leads to another…
    Hi Guys

    Again, thank you for your input, guidance and advice… I was hoping you may be able to help me on this further point though? Do you know where I can find research or documents that illustrate the savings and benefits of using psychometric testing as part of development and recruitment? While we are happy to make the investment if it will show a positive return – both in staff satisfaction, development and finance, we are very wary of investing $$$ in something that may be ‘open to interpretation’. Any ideas or sources you could recommend?

    Many thanks



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