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QR Codes


I'm interested in the use of QR codes within L&D.

I'm finding them out and about more, particularly within marketing/advertising and was curious as to whether they are/could be used within L&D.  The obvious use is in making presentations available for attendees - a quick scan and they're d/l to a mobile device.

Anyone else have any experience of using them, and, as importantly, do you think they'll become as ubiquitous as barcodes?

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  1. betamax…?

    Hi, QR codes are already main stream, so they are the VHS of its time.

    many advertisers use them, and some people I know have them on their business cards.

    They will be as ubiquitous as barcodes where more data is required. Indeed some industries are looking to change to them


  2. Thanks!

    Appreciate the replies.

    I was probably a little facaetious in the Betamax reference – it was more to do wityh the fact that QR doesn’t seem to be completely mainstream yet.

  3. QR Codes

    Yup – mainstream. Visit Paddington train station and take a look at the timetable display – all have QR codes on them.

    I use them on one of my websites ( and I also have them on business cards. You don’t need to just use them to pass out contact info mind… they have loads more uses, just get the thinking cap on (which would be green) and come up with a few!

    — Thanks Andrew Miller

  4. Mainstream in L&D

    Hi Andrew – my hurried reply between meetings should have been more clear; I meant mainstream within L&D.  As I said before, as a way for candidates/participants to access content they seem to be a highly effective delivery system.  How do we encourage/cajole/force individuals to use them?

  5. Point of need

    Hi Andrew,

    I’ve worked with a global retailer that is using them in stores. Items have a QR code on the packaging or on the shelf.  Sales agents all have mobile devices and when they zap the QR code it takes them to a page that lists various options. Some of these are simple descriptions of the product and some are related process information such as how do you register the product for the customer.

    This helps to support process training that people often forget quickly.

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Andrew Jacobs

Learning and Development Manager

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