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Qualifications/experience to teach CTP


I was wondering if anyone could help.
I have just started a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice and it has become clear that the teacher has no qualifications or experience in professional training.
The teacher started making factual mistakes and at this point I (and a few others) left the course.
On asking for a refund, the college has said that the teacher is qualified enough to teach this course, and will not give us a refund.
We are in contact with the CIPD, however I wondered if anyone has any advice or ideas on whether we are right to ask for a refund.
Many thanks,

Emma Konopka

11 Responses

  1. CIPD records
    I am not aware of a minimum qualification but membership of the CIPD appears a requirement. Tutors on programmes have to be registered with CIPD and their CV and CPD records sent for record. Whether these are reviewed for suitability by CIPD I have no idea, I would hope and think they are.

    Of course having qualifications ones self is no guarantee that you can teach qualifications.

  2. Teaching the CTP
    I think Garry is absolutely right. The CIPD’s approach is to primarily assure processes and not inputs. In other words, the trainer/teacher and the quality of the training/teaching is not checked. I have long held the view that the standard of people teaching this qualification is patchy to say the least.
    At the National School of Government where I work we have our own minimum standard which includes (amoungst many other things) an extensive level of knowledge and experience in training as well as being qualified. We also expect people to have great facilitation, consultancy and training skills. I am sure that where Garry works it is the same.
    Some local Colleges are OK but far too many of them get away with employing people who do not have the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise, and are certainly not role models. Some also just teach you to pass the assignments and don’t properly equip you to do the job which, in my view, is just as important.
    I hope you get proper recompense.

  3. not an untypical response
    Emma is, sadly, not alone in her experience. With no effective quality control, delivery of the CTP through colleges is highly variable. One of our staff recently completed the course at a local college and achieved a Merit. She subsequently reported that she had done no actual training design or development work at all in the 9 months and as far as delivery was concerned, she had made two brief presentations that were subjectively assessed. She felt she had no confidence to actually design and deliver a training session. Knowledge was there, but skills were lacking.

    Perhaps for similar reasons, many employers seem to be moving away from the CTP. The trend will continue unless the CIPD recognises the weakness of its delivery channel and does something about it. In the meantime, for Emma’s college to claim that the tutor was sufficiently qualified to take her course, despite not having any training qualification at all, speaks volumes. Caveat emptor!

  4. Thanks
    Thanks for the comments so far.
    Nick – I was wondering if you know what types of qualifications could be a better alternative to the CTP?
    Thanks again.

  5. CTP alternatives
    The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and the Training Foundation qualifications are two well regarded options. The Institute of IT Training is worth considering if you are an IT trainer. For a good list of options at all levels see
    However, the CTP is perhaps the best known and, because of that, CIPD quals are sometimes asked for in job ads. It is worth remembering that not all CTP providers are the same, so it is still worth considering, just shop around.
    Whichever route you take do see if you can a personal recommendation and ask some questions about the programme (such as student tutor ratios; amount of skills practice; tutors’ biographies or CVs; facilities; and support. Do not be influenced by pass rates or cheapness.)
    Best of luck

  6. TAP is worth consideration
    The only training skills qualification that has ever been awarded a Queen’s Award for Innovation (2005) is the Trainer Assessment Programme – TAP. With 12,000 certified trainers from 1,700 organisations (a google search shws 27 job ads today requesting TAP qualifications)this is worth you considering. TAP is actually the IITT’s official certification (mentioned by Graham)but is now increasingly being adopted by trainers from all disciplines. You will likely see it promoted on this page in the adjacent column!

    If you click on this, it will take you to a page where you can request free information brochures – I suggest you take a look at “Is it time to assess your training skills capabilities?”. This sets out 10 key performance indicators for best-practice training skills qualifications – you can then map the various alternatives including CTP, TAP etc(you will find CTP lacking in various areas not least the issue you yourself have raised!)
    Good luck and keep going – it will be worth it!

  7. Many thanks!
    Your ideas are much appreciated!
    I will do some more research and hopefully have some more luck.
    Thanks again.

  8. Similar Experience

    I have just read your question and felt I had to respond as it has struck a chord with me. I too have recently pulled out of a CTP course which was being run by my local college. This was for various reasons, and I also was not the only one to leave. One of the main reasons I left was the quality of the sessions, I actually felt I was going backwards rather than forwards on many occasions. The problem I am now facing is trying to source another provider for the CTP in my local area which does not cost the earth. One of the things that made it so difficult to decide to withdraw was that the college unfortunately has the monopoly in our local area, and I feel that this is part of the reason why they seem in no way concerned about raising the standards and quality of teaching for this subject area.
    I did manage to receive a refund for the amount I had paid as I argued that the quality and standard of training I had received was not of an adequate level, but this did take a while and involved escallating my complaint to the head of the business school within the college.
    If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I wish you the best of luck in both hopefully receiving a refund and also in sourcing an alternative place to study.

  9. IITT
    I think it’s only fair that Nick should declare his interest here. Nick set up the Institute of IT training which in turn sold courses for trainers to qualify in TAP.

    Whilst it’s important to reflect views of the various certifications – the trainingzone site isn’t supposed to be used to promote member’s own interests.

  10. Quals to teach CTP
    It seems to be a complex issue. I have been enquring through CIPD and various colleges and training companies to explore the possibility of delivering CTP to our own company personnel using our own tutors as we have two trainers qualified to Cert Ed. I am finding it difficult to find out if indeed this is a suitable qualification to deliver CTP and if any college or establishment that delivers CTP would indeed allow us to use our own trainers. Could anyone enlighten me with any more info?.

  11. Same old problems with CTP?
    I am astounded that the same problems which were posted on here from 2006 regarding the quality of CTP are repeating themselves now! I have also had a pretty bad experience with CTP and a provider. I am qualified to PGCE level, I spent 2 years part time working on my post 16/ adult education teaching qualification. That involved over 100 hours of teaching/ training to be documented and reflected upon in a portfolio, with cross referencing to my inital assessments/ design/ evaluation/ assessments. Along with a series of essays/ reports/ presentations there were over 10 observations of my training, from a variety of people (my tutors/ subject specialist/ my mentor) accompanied by structured feedback. So when I attended CTP and found out that the provider had a “tick box- bums on seat” mentality I was slightly concerned. I felt that the quality of my teaching and learning on the course was poor and I voiced my concerns numerous times, to the provider and CIPD. I have been told that a full investigation was conducted and whilst the provider admit that the quality of the teaching/ learning I received was poor, it was enough to pass the course and the fact that I acheived a merit proves that! I happen to be aware of a number of other people attending the same provider on different cohorts who are experiencing the same problems, but due to apathy and the “tick box” mentality aren’t voicing this. Surely the quality of teaching/ learning delagates on any CTP course delivered anywhere in the country is important? Especially as upon acheiving this piece of paper we are let loose onto learners?! Should the volume of posts, on this site alone, relating to poor CTP experiences not stir CIPD into action and really get to grips with what is being peddled in their name?


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