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Can anyone recommend a video to use in a session on rapport building? Two Ronnies or similar preferred to the educational content on YouTube


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  1. To RAP OR To not rap

    Steve, having heard of the Two Ronnies dates us, to actually use their material for training puts us in the same age bracket. I love their stuff. There is the classic Hardware Store (fork handles) from 1979, a  masterpiece and could be used for a whole range of sessions. There is another I've used and that is a sketch based loosely around Mastermind where the contestant gives an answer to the previous question which naturally allows their expert timing and innuendo to come to the fore. Smith and Jones were also a good source of material especially their Talking Heads across a table or their Police Suspect interview. Unfortunately I don't have the video any more but I'm sure they're on the interweb somewhere. Good luck and I envy your delegates as your sessions must be great fun if you use this sort of material!



  2. Marx Brothers

    Hey Steve, I'm going back much further than the Two Ronnies and suggest the mirror scene from the film 'Duck Soup' by the Marx Brothers a great piece of visual comedy and can be used to cover 'mirroring' if that's included in your session.

    It can be found on youtube so hope it can help.

  3. Jaws…

    … I've just thought of another clip that may work.  In the original Jaws film; Police Choef Brody comes back home after a horrific day and dsiplays some body language that shows how bad he is feeling.  He then notices his young son mimicking him and it brings him out of his thoughts.  It's quite a powerful part of the film as it's mostly silent but says volumes.  Not sure exactly where in the film it appears but I'm sure it would be easily available.

  4. Thanks Again

    Thanks again, great clip for future use but a little too "out there" for this particular audience. Jaws it is.

  5. what about..

    this scene from the film big.. where Tom Hanks and the owner of the Toy Company discover that they both used to have piano lessons and then put it to good use by playing this giant piano.  Look at the older guy finding Tom Hank's behaviour first a bit strange and then not being able to resist joining in.


    There's also the 'I am Spartacus' scene fron the original Spartacus film with Kirk Douglas which might work.


Author Profile Picture
Steve Robson

Learning and Development Consultant

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