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Red people, blue people???


I have an inquiry from HR regarding a course that employees have been on before.
It tells them, or at least raises awareness of, whether they are red, blue or green people.
Naturally I like alternative providers to quote or offer; so does anyone know of a provider who delivers this type of course?
Nigel Richards

13 Responses

  1. Possibilities
    Dear Nigel,

    There are a number of different courses that this could be using different instruments to tell people their ‘colour’, I’m qualified in several of them.

    Why don’t you give me a call and we can discuss which instrument they’ve been using and what objectives you would like them to achieve through its use.

    Very best regards,


    07970 922984 or

  2. Insights
    They seem to be referring to the Insights Discovery tool:

    Like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) it’s based on Carl Jungs work. I personally find MBTI to be richer but the beauty of the Insights tool is that it’s easier for people to understand.

  3. A contact for you
    Hi Nigel

    I have a contact for you, who you may find very helpful. She runs a similar course to this, based on the Briggs Myers system and it helps people identify certain character types around them so that they might communicate with each other more effectively.

    Please contact Hoda Lacey of Its All about People on and I’m sure she’ll be delighted to give you details of her work.

    best wishes


  4. Red, Blue, Green
    The course you are talking about is a motivational drivers/behavioural workshop based on the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). I see that some of the other contributors have given the web site for the inventory publisher so I won’t repeat that. If you want names for delivers of the SDI well I unashamedly name myself! If you want more information on the SDI and me (especially prices) please contact me direct or have alook at the web site, and I’ll be delighted to discuss your needs.

    Good luck

    David Hazell
    FBS Consultancy

  5. Rhodes TIPS, Red Green and Blue thinking
    The red,green and blue colours are also used in Jerry Rhodes Effective Intelligence, Thinking Intentions Profiles (or TIPS). I studied this as part of my Coaching Diploma with Performance Consultants. It is a very useful awareness raising tool (along the same lines as MBTI – I am a practitioner – as it deals with preferences, but focuses on how you think and go about making decisions. I would recommend you have a chat to Rachel Scott 01296 660989 who can tell you all about it and send you some stuff. Mention that I sent you!
    Also have a look at 01453 760333

    Alexandra Jones

  6. Human Synergistics Red, Blue & Green
    There must be something about these 3 colours… as Human Synergistics’ circumplex also uses red, blue and green to cluster and report on leadership behaviours, organisational, culture, etc.

    One of their widely respected tools is LSI (Life Styles Inventory) which has been used by inexcess of 1 million people globally as a measure of effectiveness (both self – LSI 1 and others – LSI 2). This tool can only be administered and debriefed by an accredited user and the participant self-development guide is very robust and a useful prescription for change.

    Human Synergistics have American origins. They’re also very active in Australia and New Zealand ( and I’m pretty sure they’re also in the UK.

    Speed Safely!

  7. What about the ‘yellows’?
    As someone else mentionned below, this sounds like the ‘insights’ training.

    What happened to the ‘yellows’, though?

  8. Red, blue, green
    As David & Alice have mentioned, red, blue and green relates to SDI (Strength, Deployment Inventory) – the process that helps to create positive outcomes for people in their business and personal lives. We incorporate the process into our client solutions, and would be happy to discuss the benefits for your team if you’d like to call 01782 717817, or email

  9. Red, Blue, Green
    Sounds like the Rewarding Relationships module of the Winning Relationships training programme delivered by Shay McConnon. He runs a company called People First – you can find out more about him and the programme at


  10. advice
    Hello Nigel
    Ref the red green blue profiles. I have seen this as part of an Insights programme. I can recommend a lady called Ali Stewart who is licenced to practice the insights programme.

    If you want her ctc details email me and I will happily provide.

  11. SDI

    This sounds to me also SDI and Life Skill Inventory. I teach this stuff through a company called ESI as part of their Leadership course. Contactable through

    Or drop me a mail back and I’ll get someone to contact you.



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