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Refresher Tips for Trainers


I am developing a week-long Master Trainer training session for a new National Program where 3,000 staff will have to be trained to a number of different roles. Most of the week will be training the Master Trainers to the new SOPs and then giving them lots of practice delivery time (we have developed facilitator guides). I would like to add a 45 minute section in on Training Tips as a refresher/reminder of good training/facilitating practices. Any thoughts on what I should include? The Master Trainer audience will include trainers who train quite a bit and others who only train occassionally.

thanks, Ann

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  1. Let them do it

    Hi Ann

    I would ask for volunteers to "show and tell" I’m sure every one of them has an idea that others could experience from. (Also gets you out of doing it!)

    As an example…someone on this forum recommended that when delegates arrive on a course and there are those sometimes awkward first 5 minutes where strangers don’t really like to talk…before the course starts…

    Make up some cards with introduction type questions, "why are you here", "what is the no1 thing you want to learn" etc etc

    This is then really useful information for any opening discussion and uses what is sometimes wasted time constructively.

    Easy idea that I now use all the time…the simple ones are the best!

    Good luck



    PS: I did start a "New Training Idea of the eek" on Linkedin but I seem to be the only one who posts anything!


  2. your challenge is…..

    …the breadth of your group; if it stretches from the full time to the occasional trainer what will be a refresher for some will be old-hat-teaching-grandma-to-suck-eggs to others.

    Why not ask them all to prepare a list of "Six Of The Best"; six top tips/hints/tricks that help ME to be a better trainer.

    This will have the advantage of allowing each to work to their level of expertise whilst "forcing" them to all reflect on the lessons they have learnt maybe years ago but could do with refreshing their memory of or sharing 


    For example:

    my six of the best in training room delivery

    1. B or W to blank a powerpoint screen so I’m not being blinded

    2. Have a "parking bay" for people to write up questions we have to deal with offline

    3. The fours Ds of handling questions; deal, delay, deflect, defer

    4. Pose pause pounce when asking questions to allow me to get everyone involved

    5. Use a kitchen timer to set the time for activities and appoint a Time Lord to manage the timer!

    6. Don’t take a 5 minute break or a 45 minute break…..take a 4.37 minute break or a 47.9 minute break…..the specificness of the time increases peopl’s likelihood of actually adhering to it!

    Then get them to share their ideas and come up with one big best practice list!


    I hope this helps

    Rus Slater

  3. Time

    " appoint a Time Lord to manage the timer!"

    Great idea…another one to add to the list…

  4. Thanks Steve

    Steve, Gives me food for thought. May have to tweak your ideas a bit but will incorporate a version of it into the training


  5. Three Minutes Pause

     You can also take advantage of technique known as "three minutes pause". It’s quite powerful as it is a systematic way to get people reflect on what has just been discussed. It also helps association with other topics which in turn help memorisation. 

    I think it is best if you read the three minutes pause training article as it describes it in more detail. 

    Hope this helps.

    Ehsan Honary 


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