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Reward & Recognition Scheme for internal trainers


Hi there, I have recently been asked to design a reward & recognition scheme for the internal ytrainers within our organisation. It will aim to highlight the acheivements of our trainers - whether this be good feedback from an induction, to a training qualification acheived or a piece of project work well done. This is completely seperate to our company bonus scheme, it's meant to be a fun way to uplift the team. We have approximately 30 trainers, based across 4 sites, and the rewards scheme needs to work across and in conjunction with all sites. Thoughts so far have been; Monthly newsletter naming people (with prizes) some kind of 'reward wall', themed (unsure of theme), where tokens or something are placed for all to see A nomination scheme So, not a lot of ideas at the moment. It needs to be something that is easy to manage and sustain, or else it just won't happen. We do have a small budget for prizes etc. ANy thoughts/ideas for what has worked well in other large organisations would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Nikkie

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  1. Incentives that have the most impact…

    Apologies if this sounds like teaching Grandma to suck eggs, but have you requested idea’s from the trainers themselves as to what
    would motivate them to achieve more than they already do…

    Also what prompted the requirement for a reward scheme… as the answer to this will shape what you need to achieve with the scheme

    If you want to discuss further please email @ address below



  2. Thanks
    Hi there,

    I have spoken to the trainers on a few occasions, and they have some fluffy ideas – largely based around a monthly shout out & bottles of wine!! We have done similar things in the past

    The main reason for introducing this is because we are a large organisation working across 4 sites & there are people within our T&D function who have never met each other & who have no idea what is going on in other sites. We have some people who we get good feedback about, but we very rarely share this and we want to start shouting about the talent we have in our team. We also hope it will motivate the team to peform better but mainly, we want to start showing people that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.


  3. A busman’s holiday might work!
    Some years ago I had to manage a team of traines and due to general cut backs the development budget for my team was cut altogether, a situation that is very likley at the moment for many training managers.

    In disucssion with my team about this dilemma they advanced an idea that we ran with and was a huge success.

    Each trainer that was performing to at least meeting expectations level was entitled to five days in that year to spend on a personal project outside the business helping organisation of their choice (excluding competitors and companies where there could be a conflcit of interests).

    As all of the team qualified they found various organisatinos to work with such as the local prison, a womens refuge and the council of churches. Each trainer developed their own agenda with their organisatino and this enables them to grow into new areas of trainig taht they wanted to pursue within the company but had little chance of getting this chance.

    An example was a good personal skills trainer who wanted to delievr strategy and planning training to senior managers. Within teh company he was looking at a wait of a year or more to start ion this subject. He arranged a one day strategy and planing sessino for the local prison workign with the prison govenors who were delighted with the day as they also had a limited budget for training.

    The cost to the busniess was five days plus support for copies and materials. The benefits were excellent local PR and highly motivated trainers who grew faster than could have been exepected in a “normal” year. All of teh trainers gave more than the 5 days to their organisations and many maintianed their links taking up management / board positions and thus gaining more development of management and business issues which is often a weakness with some trainers.

    Good luck with your search.

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