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Script writing training


Is anyone aware of any training that would apply to the writing of training videos? I have written a couple scripts but feel like I could use some training on how to construct a proper script.

Kevin Stall
Instructional Designer
Kevin Stall

7 Responses

  1. here is some heresy!
    Assuming it is content that you want improved rather than “stage directions”,
    here is an idea that I have found works very well!
    1. Don’t write a script!
    2. Get two competent role-players and give each a brief; general attitude, approach, personality, legal perameters and objective.
    3. Roll camera
    4. Shout “Action!”
    5. Let them improvise
    6. Shout “Cut!”
    7. See what you have got!

    This may sound heretical but you are much more likely to get realistic action and reaction that isn’t trite; you can also use it as a selling point for the finished video.

    I hope this helps

  2. Creative element
    I disagree with Rus’ perspective since it doesn’t demonstrate an understanding of the visual, continuity or budgetary constraints of filming. Impro is expensive and time consuming and doesn’t allow you to story board, create choice shots etc.

    Kevin you are talking about the creative side of writing, narrative, exposition, character, development, plot, dialogue, humour, choice of shots, themes, motivation, central propositions, dramatic irony, symbolism, visuals, pay off etc.

    You could try scriptwriting sites eg. Shooting People,,

    or alternatively join a scriptwriting course at TAPS or here

    Also invest in some decent scriptwriting software like Finaldraft. Otherwise there’s some open source stuff at

    As a playwright I am happy to offer criticism offline

  3. Creative Element
    It’s more along Mark’s line. In the past we have tried to provide both good and bad examples of what ever we are showcasing. It’s part of good change management to shows new ways of working.

    We use professional actors and they really have no idea what we do so they can’t really adlib.

    We tend to do vinettes that are then included in e-learning. My background has never included anything other than technical writing and just feel that there might be a course out there that might improve the quality of what I produce.

  4. Specific for designing training
    Has anyone heard of any courses designed specifically for writing and producing training videos?

  5. niche
    >>>Has anyone heard of any courses designed specifically for writing and producing training videos? >>>

    Never. For as long as VHS has been in use (since the 1980’s) I have never seen a course on this. Its too niche.

    eg. Videoarts – a lot of these were written by John Cleese and the co writer of A Fish called Wanda. Usually scriptwriters are the creative types hired hence no need to train trainers how to become a screenwriter.


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