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seeking recommended suppliers


rather than go to market, can anyone recommend suppliers who are experts in the following areas?

Project Management

Time management

Business writing

Train the trainer

Many thanks

9 Responses

  1. can you define “experts”…..?

    Hi Aperer

    1. You are going to probably be swamped by people advertising themselves or their companies, either on this forum or via private messages, ie you probably just went "to market"

    2. What do you mean by "experts"? What do you want them to do and on what scale? eg. Project Management~ PRINCE 2 or generic project management? Design or delivery? At what level? Are you looking for a freelance for occasional work or a global supplier in seven nations? face to face training, elearning or blended approach?  Certificated or not? Open programmes or inhouse? Off the shelf or bespoke?

    Rus Slater

  2. can anyone recommend suppliers who are experts in the following


    Hi there and thanks for your reply.

    Yes I did wonder if this would instigate a whole host of self-interest from other trainers.

    I would be looking to engage with different suppliers (possibly), on the design and delivery aspects. The audiences for each of the needs will differ and subsequently design may need to be tweaked accordingly working on the areas of development that are specific to each function.  Broadly speaking, audiences would be support staff (admin/PAs) up to professional finance, lawyers, tax ect.  All would have experience a decent amount of training in their career, so I am hoping to gain something more specific than generic, hence the ideas of using experts. For example, I would think time management would be Franklin coveys expertise.   I do work for a big corp so would only be interested in larger companies and suppliers Im afraid.

    I hope that helps and thanks for the questions as the wider contact is probably useful to know.

    Many thanks

  3. Suppliers

    Hi there, I am an employed training manager and have no interest in the company I am reccomending. They are excellent at achieving sustainable behavioual change.

    For time management and train the trainer I would reccomend Turning Factor, Contact the owner direct at:

    Kathy Horton at


    Cheers and good luck.




  4. what suppliers?

    You asked for recommendations of training suppliers:

    …..or you can call me ūüėČ

    Good luck & I hope you find wwhat you are looking for


    Web –
    Blog –
    Twitter –

  5. big company bias

    "I do work for a big corp so would only be interested in larger companies and suppliers Im afraid."

    Why the focus on larger organisations? Smaller organisations can produce fabulous change, might well work harder for you (you’re not just another client, you’re a BIG client) and can offer something more than off the shelf solutions that they’ve been selling for years.

    Our (small, perfectly formed) company has worked in government agencies and the last one we worked with has 80,000 employees! Big is not always best, but of course you never get fired for hiring IBM…..  But I daresay you never get anything different when hiring IBM.

    — Karen, fe3 consulting

  6. Confusing

    Hi Aperer

    It all sounds very confusing to me? If you are a "big corp" then somebody somewhere within your "big corp" must have previous dealings withb training suppliers? If not, hire a consultant for a few weeks who can write a training plan you can then take to potential training companies.

    It sounds like your "task" is confusing at the moment and I am guessing if you aren’t crystal clear about what you actually want and need then you will end up with some very confused trainers and delegates.

    In the words of the Ronseal advert "It does what it says on the tin"…buying training is no different……anything else is just confusing and wastes peoples time and money.


    Good luck



  7. big!!!

    I walk away from requests that people say that the provider must be a big company!

    Just so you know, a lot of big companies that you refer to, employ people like me (freelance) to deliver the training and hand cuff us into their content rather than have us delivering what you want.  Too many big training providers are way out of touch with what clients actualy want.

    But there you go, it is your choice.

  8. hear, hear!

    My "clients" for example include at least two of the big management consultancies!

    — Karen, fe3 consulting

  9. Project Management

    For Project management I Suggest Aikona I met with them last week and they were very impressive in the courses they offer and professionalism.

    If you use a lot of suppliers, get in touch, I might have a solution for you that would really help you manage them easily.

    Best Regards


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antoinette perera

L&D manager

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