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senior managers team


We have been retained to work with senior teams in a diverse organisation located across the UK with some affiliates overseas.

The senior team have instigated many HR processes which they feel would benefit staff in general. The HRD is a 'labelling fanatic'.

The company is very traditional and in many ways stuck in the sixties.

Having put labels on all the staff (MBTI, Belbin et al) they are still wondering why things do not improve.

How can we get their full attention?

What development activities would you suggest.

What have you used that you know works and how did you measure it.

Did anyone film them doing it.

Was the development sustainable and did the senior team move forward.

Were any of the outset critical success factors met and how.

How is that team now regarded by the rest of the staff and do they all talk to each other.

Has the organisation moved forward.
ray bennett

3 Responses

  1. Getting Results
    In my experience things only improve when there is a focus on commonly agreed end results – this then ‘forces’ attention on the ‘softer’ stuff. But starting with the softer stuff, Belbin et al only serves to confuse – great ideas to sell and lovely to facilitate, but if it don’t improve the bottom line…..

    Had a similar experience as part of a management team in the late 80’s and did loads of team building stuff using loads of tools, but to no disceranble effect. In fact focussing on personality, behaviours only increased rather than improved dysfunctionality. I then discovered a highly practical methodology which is highly involving and sustains the momentum and which I’ve used successfully many times since with teams at all levels.

    Drop me an email with your details and I’ll let you have more details if you are interested. Or visit and if still interested get back to me (I’m a licensed practitioner).

    Richard Bryce

  2. Senior Team
    Hi I hope this helps!

    I would contact Tom Govan he runs two business’s The Govan Group & The Bespoke Group.
    He has dealt with some of the most difficult teams around in the Pharmaceutical, Retail, Engineering, Healthcare, Insurance etc etc sectors.
    He has a great track record and really gets to the bottom of the issues. He is very much a results person and will provide numerous references if required.

    You can contact him via email:

    Good luck!

  3. Make it real
    I agree with the comment made by Richard. Senior managers don’t need ‘training’. They value time to share thinking and actions on their real business challenges. As part of a major internal reorganisation I designed and delivered a three day workshop for each of the new Managing Directors and their teams (20 events). The only way to keep them engaged was to encourage them to work from their current reality towards a future position using paper based simulations of what life would be like. These sessions were interspersed by activities to take them out of their comfort zone. For example the event was run at a venue none had been to before. We involved all their senses through sounds, sights, smells and simple physical activities. The only time we mentioned models was briefly as a transition from one practical session to the next. Outputs were practical -what are you going to do when you leave here? type of think and to ensure there was a follow through back to the workplace each executive team was provided with a coach to follow up the behavioural actions and a change agent to follow up the structural actions. Proved very effective and valued by most teams.
    Mel Leedham
    Senior Management Development Advisor


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