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Shark Attack


Here is a video showing the "Fun" that can be had in a Training Room.

Whats next...Put your right foot in and your left foot out and then do the Hokey Kokey?

If you do this how much do you charge?

9 Responses

  1. Seriously?!!


    Thanks for posting this cringe worthy example of an energiser…!

    It’s unbelieveable that individuals and companies are prepared to pay for this humiliation under the guise of Team development or icebreakers.

    Development should never, ever be about humiliating or embaressing individuals. It reminds me of The Office when David Brent gets his guitar out!!

    Development should be fun and enjoyable…yes…but never at the expense of attendees. Take a look at their faces again….oh my word.

    We often have to deal with the fallout and historical experiences our clients have had from such providers. Thank fully we’re able to show and demonstrate there is a better way!!!

    Best regards






  2. Great for pre-schoolers 😉

     Just viewed the video, and whilst I would have been happy to do this in a Jo Jingles class with my 3 YO, there’s NO WAY I would do this with adults in a corporate training environment.

    Does that make me boring, or uncreative?

    I’m all for activity and fun moments in the training room, but I always try to ensure it is relevant.

    Sheridan Webb

    Keystone Development – For bespoke training design

  3. Incy Wintcy

    I quite liked the first bit when they did the incy wintcy sharks then it just got silly 😉

  4. energising who?

    the sad thing about this so called energiser is that it is actually so un-energising….bear in mind though that this is a group of educators of elementary school children so we will have to hope that they were "doing" this activity as a training exercise to "doing" it with small children…….I cannot imagine getting a group of adult learners doing this and escaping with my life intact!

    PS Steve, note that the fee will be in US Dollars, not in British money

  5. OMG

    I can just about imagine doing this on a night out with a few gins inside me but that’s about it!

    The delegates don’t look like they’re very energised either

  6. Time to be brave…

    Maybe I could try it out at my next session for heads of academic departments…

    But then again, maybe not!

    It’s hardly surprising that comments on the YouTube video have been disabled.

  7. Shark Attack

    No way would I use Shark Attack or anything of a similar ilk – it is far too childish. I use humour and fun although most of it is spontaneous and I also encourage the delegates to contribute and establish an air of comfort that encourages them to do so. Having originally qualified as a primary school teacher, I relate Shark Attack and similar exercises as more suitable to this age group.

    It would be interesting to know what the delegates in the You Tube video would write on a feedback/evaluation form if it was anonymous and not being given back to the person who ran the course……….


    — Jan Pallas

Author Profile Picture
Steve Robson

Learning and Development Consultant

Read more from Steve Robson

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