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Short training/energising games


Picture the scenario... it's 15 mins before the store opens, the store staff start to wander in through the door, clearly unmotivated and unenthusiastic for the long selling day ahead. Each day brings the same level of effort and the same level of underperformance from the team! Things need to change...

I'm looking for short (5-15mins max) generic games/energisers that can be tailored to our needs that help with the following:
- Manager holding team huddles
-Short games to test understanding
-Energise the team before opening/Warm up before trading
- Played on shopfloor
-Are fun and interactive
- Creates a buzz on the floor and help with team bonding

Any ideas and info would be most welcomed.


Alistair Robertson

6 Responses

  1. Short games / exercises
    Please check out the trainerbase site – my own site has over one hundred freee downloads, many are short exercises and games for groups.

    The site address is

    If you do not find what you need there let me know and I may have somthing else.



  2. Games, tricks, puzzles and warm-ups for groups
    Hi Alastair

    I could certainly give you some training to deal with situations like this – just not over the web.

    Instead, I will direct you to a website which may be of value to you:

    There you will find many free team building games and other information which may be useful. (scroll down to find games, tricks, puzzles and warm-ups for groups)

    My particular favourite is something I use at parties to test co-ordination. Give it a go:

    Sitting or standing, lift your right foot and rotate it in a clockwise direction, then with your right hand draw a 6 in the air.

    Notice what happens? Your right leg will start to go anti-clockwise.

    Have fun.



  3. Cat Walk
    Hi there,

    I had the very same senario when Managing a large store of 20 sales people prior to opening the doors on a Saturday. I led by example and asked one of my Team to find an up-beat tune on the store music system and crank up the volume. I then told them all that we where now back stage of the Pasis cat walk, we all where top cloths models and we had to really strutt our stuff! So I walked swinging my arms and pulling a very serious/sexy face! they where in pleats of laughter, then I got eveyone of them to follow my lead and encouraged some fun suggestions. The buzz once the doors where opened was fantastic, and we went on to smash our Target that day, without the usual boring Morning briefing.
    Hope this helps you.

  4. Engergiser – Hot thighs!
    Excellent activities and links – thanks everyone.

    Here’s one I use regularly which generates lots of energy.

    Demonstrate the following with a partner. Face each other, each partner slaps their own thighs then they “high ten” each other. Slap thighs once again and high ten twice. Slap thighs once and high ten 3 times. Repeat up to 5, then reverse it (4,3,2,1). Shout “Woo!” (or similar) when done.

    Direct people to pair up, announce that it’s a race and all are to start when you say “go”.

    Once they’ve finished, quickly get each pair to partner up with another pair to form groups of 4. They are to repeat the race, this time in circles (so they’ll be high five-ing to each side).

    Repeat until you end up with 2 large groups competing and this becomes the “world championship” round.

    This is a noisy, energetic exercise and lots of fun.


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