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Skill and Will Grid used in Coaching


Hi Everyone,

I am putting together a coaching and feedback workshop and have come across the skill and will grid. Can anyone tell me how they are using it. I would also like to do an activity around it if anyone has any ideas.

Many thanks

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  1. more information please…..

    Dear Mr Ipsold

    When you say the skill and will grid are you referring to the Situational Leadership model or something else?



  2. Skill and Will Grid used in Coaching

    Hi Russ,

    I am not sure if it’s the situational leadership model.

    The 4 areas of the grid was delegate, Guide, excite and direct. By using the Skill and Will grid you will place them on the scale to establish the best method of coaching, which is the 4 areas above.

    Hope that makes sense. I would like more information around the use of it.

    Many thanks


  3. ah-ha

    Hi Michelle

    Firstly I must apologise for misunderstanding your user name in the past

    Secondly; certainly it sounds as if what you are using is close to the Situational Leadership model, though "evolved".  Whilst I have no desire to re-open to old "What is coaching?" debate, I’d have to challenge the use of this model (evolved or original) in a coaching environment: if your coach is "Directing" a coachee then the coach has moved away from "coaching" and has begun to either direct, teach or co-erce.  Whilst this may be possible in a "manager-as-coach" environment it is not really possible in a situation where the coach isn’t the line manager of the coachee (so it depends what your situation is). 

    If you’d like to discuss this off line please feel free to get in touch: rusdotslateratskydotcom



  4. skill and will

    Hi Rus,

    I totally agree. I will leave out the skill and will grid.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Kind regards


  5. Possible Use

    Hi Michelle,

    Where you maybe could use something like this is in helping people determine when coaching is not the best option?

    Introduce the grid (or a variant on it to suit your learners purpose), getting your delegates to describe the likely development levels of learners in each area.  

    Then introduce a range of case studies and ask them to identify when coaching might be the best option.  Can be quite a useful exercise to show coaching as one of a range of development tools / management styles.




  6. I may have found a link


    I was reading a book this evening and came across a model which may link to the grid you have mentioned. The book describes 4 types of coach:

    The intructor

    The watching brief

    The guide

    The empowerer

    There is then a 4 box grid model which shows how a coach would use each of these styles according to the person they are coaching. These four types of coach would seem to link to the grid you describe.

    The book provides some information on this grid model and how it would be used in coaching, although the ownership of it’s copywrite is clearly given. The book is ‘Training and Development’ by George Green which is part of a set of books. Details of the book can be found at

    Hope this is of interest




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