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Small Group Energizers


I am tasked with finding a 10 minute energizer that will inspire and energize a group of 8 trainee trainers! Has anyone got something that is quick and easy to do, very practical/low cost and just that little bit different to get them thinking?
Sue Seakens

5 Responses

  1. I can help

    I have a fantastic exercise that is totally relevant to ‘Trainer Training’ and is also a fun energiser. Although simple to run, it’s easier to explain verbally that in writing so feel free to call me on (0118) 9875683 and I will be happy to talk you through it.



  2. An opportunity for them to rise to the challenge!
    I often use anagram, word/picture association or number games as quick energisers. It occurs to me that you have an opportunity for them to think about how they might respond to the challenge in their own training courses, and to get them to create an energiser that meets the brief you have given tothis forum.

  3. DIY
    Hi Sue, I had the same predicament a few weeks ago, running a longer ‘train the trainer course’.

    We split the group into smaller teams and asked them to design their own energisers, assuming that they were to run directly after lunchtime and then we actually used their energisers over the next couple of days (run by them). It worked extremely well, they were very creative.

    Another idea is to demonstrate an accelerated learning method. We asked each person in the room to think of an object and wrote them all on a flipchart. I then turned the flipchart over and asked them to write as many of the objects as they could remember. They generally don’t remember a lot.
    Now ask them to tell a story incorporating all of the objects, starting with one person and continuing round the room. Again they will be very creative.
    Next, hide the objects list again and get them to now list as many as they can remember. They will all have remembered more objects this time which is a fantastic link into using more creative methods to help our delegates learn faster and retain more information.

    Kind Regards

  4. the fellowship of the ring
    Most folk wear a signet ring/engagement ring or wedding ring.

    Give each person a length of twine about 18 inches long and get them to loop it thru the ring so it hangs like a pendulum.

    Sitting, holding the string between finger and thumb of their maseter hand with the elbow resting on the knee, tell them to try to get the ring to swing to and fro without actively moving their hand.

    When they have all (or almost all) mastered this get them to swing it left to right.

    Next clockwise rotations….. then anti- clockwise rotations.

    Nearly everyone will be able to do it…it always amazes.

    The people who don’t achieve it don’t because they don’t believe they can do it… (because it is mumbo jumbo)…but the point is that if you believe that you can do something you probably can….if you believe you can’t do something (or it won’t work, or it won’t work for me) you will be right as well.

    The whole thing takes about 10 minutes, it has never failed me (since I pinched it off a colleague 10 years ago)

    Hope this helps


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