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Speakers: Leadership & Personal Impact


Can anyone recommend a speaker to talk to senior people about personal impact and inspirational leadership? Preferably someone from Business who has 'been there' and could be a role model.
angela knight

Recommendations only please!

20 Responses

  1. Re: Speakers
    Hi Angela

    I may have something of interest for you as I organise the speaker programme for Video Arts ( We are celebrating 30 years of inspirational training and we have based our speaker programme around talking to senior management about inspirational leadership,teamwork etc. Please contact me so that we can discuss opportunities further

  2. Try the leadership expert – Ken Blanchard!
    Ken Blanchard would be an excellent choice. Best known as the author of the best selling business book of all time, The One Minute Manager, he’s written a further fifteen best sellers on leadership and getting the best out of people. He also helped originate the famous leadership programmes Situational Leadership and Situational Leaderhip II and founded international training and management consultancy, The Ken Blanchard Companies. He’s an excellent motivational speaker and his experience and background makes him a good choice for senior personnel. Contact Toni Dickson at The Ken Blanchard Companies UK on 020 8540 5404 or email

  3. Speaker on Leadership

    I recently saw an American speaker Dr Robert Bies. He spoke on ‘Influence and Action : The Core of Leadership’ which was inspirational and at the same time quite practical. He works at Georgetown University.

    I hope you find the right speaker for your company.

    Lisbeth Ware

  4. Speakers
    Simon Woodroffe from Yo Sushi is good, as is Julian Richer from Richer Sounds.

    Depends on your event budget: some of the big names are very expensive. If you are interested in a thought provoking presentation from a less public name, let me know.

  5. Diane Louise Jordan
    I have recently seen Diane in action and she is very inspirational. She can be contacted at info@chronicle

  6. Professional Speakers

    For a selction of excellent speakers, mostly based in the UK, go to the Professional Speakers’ website –
    You can search for speakers by name or speciality and other parameters and there is no charge for the service.

    Not all of them charge “top name” prices (15k – 20k) although there are some in that category if that’s what you want!

  7. Leaderrship and Personal Impact
    I have worked on arranging similar events over the past few months and would be happy to provide you with some recommendations.

  8. Desired Outcome
    It depends on what it is you want to achieve. Talk is cheap, action is not. I sat in at a talk from a former CEO only last week. Very funny, however I really doubt what sustainable difference occurred. When the dust settles, what will be different about your target group? Coaching with, and given talks too, many levels, including execs and senior managers has several purposes – including education, enjoyment and motivation.

    I give lots of talks – if you would like more information, please get in touch.
    Kind regards

  9. researched results
    I have interviewed many of our nations leading busines minds and entrepreneurs and can either talk myself, or suggest many such speakers to you.
    Call me on 0121 505 1999.

    I would like to know more of what you want to achieve from the event.

    David Hyner

  10. Experience, connection and charisma
    Bhanu Dhir, a Geordie Indian, is an experienced Managing Director, senior manager, workshop facilitator and leader – with a Psychology degree and an MBA on top. He has a powerful, charismatic presence, senior experience in the public and private sectors, and an unusual ability to connect with and inspire those he works with. Call me on my mobile: 07971-668592

  11. The English version to the late Norman Vincent Peale
    Perhaps you may not have heard the name of the Rev Dr John Clements from England – since the publication of his book Make Your Walls Tumble: How To Change Your Impossible To Merely Difficult, Then Achieve Success, many people here in the USA see him as the English version to the late Norman Vincent Peale who became famous with his book The Power of Positive Thinking. Clements is a Founding Member of the PSA in England but often speaks in the USA. He is a top insirational writer and speaker in the Pacific Rim, he is about to be featured on the front cover of the Inspirator magazine published in Malaya. As a minister he speaks every week to elderly people who seem to love him and keep asking him back for more! He has recently spoken to junior officers in the British Army on leadership and a leading US publisher is in the process of publishing Mindful of Purpose – a moving story illustrating Servant Leadership. Please call me, here in the USA -Forrest Wallace Cato 770-516-9395 or you can call him direct on 01603 436658

  12. Bill Docherty is an excellent speaker and has recently spoken at
    Bill is an ex partner of Andersen, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Robson Rhodes and has therefore had the relevant experience and has “been there”. He is NLP trained and has his own company called Advanced Communication. His telephone number is: 07785 992288.

  13. Try Lembit Opik MP
    Lembit is an excellent and inspirational speaker. His appearences on TV make him a familiar face. He was a very senior manager and trainer in a multinational company before his election and therefore knows the business side of things well. I have asked him to speak for me and my clients have always loved him.

  14. Insirational speaker from one’s own organisation
    Whereas it is a seductive idea, there is no guarantee at all that someone working in one’s own organisation will be a good speaker – no matter how good he or she is in other fields.

    Speaking, like training, is much harder than it appears to onlookers and we have all, I feel sure, been subjected to awful speeches from CEOs and others whose sole qualification for the job is their status within the organisation.

    Professional speaking is a skilled job – get a skilled person to do it!

    As I said, go to the professional speakers website or email me off board for more information about the speaking business

  15. Agree to Disagree !
    And similarly there is no guarantee that an external speaker will inspire either !

    Survey your target audience, ask them what their most pressing business issue is that htey are having difficulty to address (and their time would be well spent listening to someone who is a CURRENT pratitioner in that area), and use your and their network to find someone. Managers from other organisations often speak for the price of a meal, tend to keep it real, and tend to appear on conference lists.

    Stories of ‘what I/we did’ a hundred years ago (or in a completely different field or market which has no relevance to that of your senior managers) may have a novelty value – but I would suggest treating the event as a learning, and not just an entertainment opportunity.

    And on the point about finding someone from your organisation to inspire people, I was actually thinking you may have someone who has created a youth football team from nothing in a deprived part of a city, or raised money for a charity – it is in real people that you usually find ‘real’ inspiration – to professional speakers, just like professional trainers, ‘stand-up’ delivery is mostly an act, albeit in most cases an informed one.

  16. The profession of speaking
    There’s no guarantee, of course. It’s just that it’s far more likely that a person who makes his or her living from speaking will do a good job. Were this not the case, then he or she would soon be out of business.

    And, yes, of course it’s an act. Professional speakers deliver the same act each time, as do professional actors! You would be most upset if you were to visit a theatre with friends to see “Hamlet” and find, when you arrived, that the actors had decided to give a different performance from that you had previously seen, enjoyed and were expecting to see again!

    Obviously the speaker must be right for the audience (as must a play) and this is one of the reasons why you need to seek a PROFESSIONAL, not an amateur.

    And just to return to the topic that Angela raised. I could reccommend many excellent speakers. However I wouldn’t do so without knowing the needs of her audience and I am concerned that so many who post here had glibly given out the names of speakers whose acts they have enjoyed, but whose suitability they probably have little idea about.


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