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Speed Reading course


Does anyone know of any training material (books/cd roms etc etc) which covers the skills necessary for quicker reading?
Tracy Israel

6 Responses

  1. Speed reading alternatives
    As an alternative to books and CDs how about a couple of downloads? have two programs that may help; Acereader, and rocketreader.

  2. Power Reading
    I suggest that you look at material by C Rose on accelerated learning. A tape and book set with a section on Power Reading which is a variation on speed reading but which aims to improve comprehension and retention of information.
    Web search using accelerated learning

  3. More Speed Reading Goodies
    Try Tony Buzan’s book Speed Reading ( BBC Books), also Brian Tracey’s Accelerated Learning Tapes from Nightingale Conant

  4. Speed Reading resource
    Everything you need is in a great little book called ‘Successful Speed Reading in a week’ which is by Tina Konstant. Published by Hodder & Stoughton. Tony Buzan’s book ‘Speed Reading’ is good too.
    I run SR courses if you are looking for a trainer.

  5. PhotoReading is your answer
    I personally recommend the PhotoReading book by Paul Scheele, Chairman of Learning Stategies Corporation of Wayzata, MN, USA. He has also written a companion audio cassette program. I have personally attended his 4-day workshop program in Singapore in 1992 by his co-developer, Patricia Danielson, and have benefitted tremendously from it ever since. I took it because I love to read and I love to explore technologies. Unlike most speed reading courses, (which I have also attended several of them before) which use the conscious logical brain to process information, PhotoReading uses both sides of the brain, in addition to using globally, centrally and peripherally focussed visions. Its claim of 25,000 words per minute is not a marketing gimmick. I believe the PhotoReading book and workshop program are available in UK. Also, I want to add that “reading” is only one part of the quick reading process. The other part is “searching” and “gathering” the important information and “organising” and “picturing” it for quick recall. This would require training in information mapping (e.g. Tony Buzan’s mind mapping) and other visual tools and graphic organisers (e.g. cluster diagrams, fishbone diagrams, flow diagrams, idea maps, venn diagrams, matrix diagrams, transitive order diagrams, story grids, storyboards, time lines, etc).

  6. Speed reading

    I run a series of very effective advanced reading courses. The one day programme guarantees to have participants doubling if not trebling their speeds. The two day version will have them to well over 1,000 words par minute and the three day will have them to between 20,000 and 30,000 wpm. For this please visit my web site

    As a reference I run the one day programme for the Institute of Management and their clients.

    Call me on 01784 44 04 04

    I use Tony Buzan’s book Speed reading so I can recommend that. Paul Scheele’s Photoreading book is good but will not be very useful if you want to use it to design your own course.


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