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strategies for developing and retaining talent



I am writing an article on how to develop and retain talent.  I am including the following themes:

training, coaching, mentoring, shadowing, secondments, apprenticeships, succession planning schemes, communication, involvement etc.

I would be interested to hear any evidence or include quotes from organisations that have had experience (positive or negative) with such strategies.

Thanks in advance


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  1. review

    Hey, might not know much, only an apprentice but I’m sort of covering this at the moment

    One way of retaining people is the way development is approached. If an employee is responsible for their own training, and leads during development reviews, their sense of ownership gives them confidence. This in turn motivates and leads to a happier workforce with a better morale. Happy employees stay with a company. This benefits companies because recruitment costs are reduced etc.

  2. Apprenticehsip

    Hi Evie

    Thanks for your reply. How does your apprenticeship make you feel about your company?


  3. reply

    Well being an apprentice during the recession isn’t the best thing, but at least I am one of the lucky ones who has their apprenticeship still!

    I am lucky to have a group of managers who appear really enthusiastic about our course and the opportunities it will bring. This motivates me. All the training that I haven’t had to pay for makes me feel lucky, I have completed basic skills training, a BTEC certificate, NVQ L2, working toward L3 and have been on a lot of courses and now they are paying for my degree. It feels more beneficial than the situation of my comtemporaries who are going to be leaving uni this year but don’t have a job to go to. Apprenticeships also give you the chance to work away (I have just come back from an 8 month site placement) and in those 8 months I feel I learned a lot more working hands on than anybody would have done from a text book. As well as learning I’m gaining experience that graduates who join the company haven’t had.

    I have made a post as I’m looking for a piece of literature that says why training can be a bad thing, if you come across such a document could you possibly give me a heads up please?



  4. Quote

    Hi E

    yes I will keep an ear out for that type of paper for you.

    Would you be willing to let me quote some of what you have written there in my article?  If so could you let me have your organisations name and your name as you would like it to appear.

    Thanks again,


  5. article

    I would be happy but I would have to ask for my organisations approval, If I get this I will get back to you. If you can’t then I hope what I’ve written will give you some ideas



    Hi Carolyn

    There was a conference in late 2006 from whence came the quotes below, sadly (hHence the title of this response) I can’t now find the b****y article that went with it;

    "Talent exists throughout organisations and it is dangerous to concentrate on a small percentage. It is vital to look after the ‘safe pairs of hands’, whose loss can be just as damaging and is usually faster than the loss of the select few."
    "Talent management is impossible unless there is already a good performance management system in place and it is being operated correctly."
    There is also an article on the subject on this site

    though the conference it refers to isn’t the same one.

    I hope this helps though I appreciate that it isn’t a direct answer to the question

    Rus (to see real talent!)


  7. Retaining Talent by Practicing TALENT Model

    Hello Carolyn

    I once attended a course on retainig talent, below is some text from that course


    The TALENT practices significantly affect an employee’s intent to stay with an organization. In fact,
    Employees who rate their managers as “highly effective” in these areas are nearly THREE times less likely to consider leaving their organization within the year.
    T-Targeted Recruiting & Hiring
    L-Learning & Professional Growth
    E-Ensuring Recognition
    N-Nurturing Career Advancement
    T-Team Collaboration"

    if above seems relevant let me know i can send you whole document.



  8. Website link

    Hello Carolyn,

    I attended a very interesting presentation given by an associate of this company – I think they have some articles on their web site that might link with your work.

    Hope it’s helpful



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