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Strengthen Culture in organisation- possible workshop- your thoughts


I work for an American organisation in London, and the leadership team thinks that it may be beneficial as employees if we strengthen our culture and are looking at ways to do this. 

In the last two years we have implemented a “new employee orientation” class for all new employees; there is a section on learning the fundamentals of the culture, to assist them with integration in the workforce.   This has only been in place for new employees and not really suitable for more tenured employees.

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  1. Organisational culture

    Hi Cath

    As a starting point, here is an article from MindTools about the Culture Web.

    There is a helpful section on how you can use the model – I have found it really helpful in establishing what the "culture" is, whether it is helpful or a hindrance, who owns it and controls it, and what we can do to make it more appropriate.

    Happy to discuss off line.


  2. Interesting article

    I’ve always included culture as an effect (and factor) of a model I call 4S:

    • Strategy – defines the direction, purpose and vision;
    • Structure – built to support the Strategy, creates organisation and defines roles;
    • Systems – processes to report through Structure to inform of effects of Strategy;
    • Skills – areas of performance by individuals and teams that are defined as expectations by Systems.


    Culture – bolted on at the end but is inherent within the 4S before it, is driven by the 4S before it, and can impact on the 4S to make each of them unworkable.

  3. Strengthen Culture in organisation- possible workshop – your tho

     Hi Cath

    Would you like me to work with you on this?  I’m intrigued because there may be other deep-rooted issues which will also need to be addressed.  Changing the culture is probably going to be just part of the solution…

    Best wishes


    David Parkinson & Associates
    Sun Trap New Road
    Wootton Bridge
    Isle of Wight  PO33 4JN
    Skype: David Parksn


  4. Strengthen Culture in organisation

    Thank you for all your replies, I really appreciate the feedback.

    I am going to get together with my HR manager, review and discuss again, will defiantly be in touch if need more assistance.   

    Thanks again

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catheine turley


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