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Stress Relief Exercise


Hi All, This is my first post (be gentle!) I am putting together a one-day Well Being for All (stress awareness) course and would like to end with a fun and practical stress relief exercise Has anyone got something they would like to recommend? Cheers Rob.

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  1. stressmeless
    Hi Rob,

    we have created a learning game called stressmeless for Connexions. It is aimed at young people who are revising but I’m sure your group might find it fun at the end of the day! You have to balance concentration, stress and preparation during your revision. At the end you get a report card, many of themes will be similar.

    I hope this is of some use.


  2. Stress activities (not stressful ones!!!)
    Hi Rob,
    I came across this activity and thought it might be useful to you (it could be a bit low level, depending on who your audience is).

    1. Tell participants they will have 60 seconds to prepare for a 5 minute presentation about themselves.
    2. After the 60 seconds, inform the group that they will not have to give the presentation. The purpose of putting them through this scenario was to let them feel some stress.
    3. Now ask the group to draw their body on a sheet of paper (or hand out a body outline) and to shade the areas where they felt stress.
    4. After everyone has drawn and shaded their bodies ask the group where they all felt it – note similarities and differences.
    5. Lead into discussion on how to deal with stress – or perhaps even the physiological aspects of stress.

    This came from the book called 101 More Training Games by Gary Kroehnert.

    Good luck.

    Elise Whittaker

  3. A couple of ideas
    Hi Rob

    Here’s a couple of ideas for you to round the session off with.

    1. Get people to write a list of all the things that they are grateful for and are working for them in their lives today and get them to share their findings. They can take this away with them and ask them to study it every day and try to add at least one thing each day. It’s a good stress reliever as it shifts the focus onto the positive and is a good way of retraining negative thought processes.

    2. Get people to write a playlist of all the music they know that makes them feel really up and happy. Their homework is to put their playlist together on a CD, their Mp3 player, PC etc so that if ever they’re feeling down, angry or stressed, they can play it to themselves. It’s very hard to stay down when you listen to ‘up’ music. Get people to share what they would put on their list.

    Hope this helps and if you need any more, do let me know.

    Warm wishes

    Annie Lawler
    Breathing Space for Business
    0772 581 8884
    [email protected]

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