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Study Leave Provision


We currently provide 100%financial support to employees studying for professional qualifications.
What are the policies of other employers with regards to employees time off work for study or exams?
Nigel Jones

8 Responses

  1. Varies
    It really depends on the company. I’ve worked for companies that don’t allow any time off except the day of the exam. Some that don’t allow any time at all, meaning the student has to take exam time out of their own holiday.
    Other companies have offered the day of the exam, and half day a week study time, or one week in total to be taken at the student’s leisure. Everyone is different.

  2. My experience
    I have operated policies which normally give time off to the individual matching the length of exam-for example a half days study leave for a half day exam. With regard to the financial support increasingly tie-ing staff into pay back clauses if they leave within a two year period of qualifying is common-make sure you get a signature up front! Also, I have sometimes only paid 50% of the course costs up front with the balance being paid upon successful completion.

  3. Our Policy
    We also give full financial support and time off to attend training sessions. Depending on the exam, our current policy gives either one, two or three days study leave, one of which must be the day before the exam. Our policy however is due to be reviewed.
    Davina Coogan.

  4. Study Leave Provision
    My company matches the days taken by the employee ie one day employee holiday and one day from company and the time off for the exam

    It really depends on how much time the individual requires and the level of intensity of the exam study.

  5. More than financial support is best…
    We individually negotiate a study contract before commencing any professional qualification which typically includes some day release, 1 days paid study leave per examination, paid leave for the exam, all exam and professional membership fees plus books.

    This is perceived as very valuable by new recruits – particularly for Accounts staff. We do have a clause which gets some payback if the course isn’t completed or the e’ee leaves though. Thankfully we’ve yet to use the clause as we are retaining individuals where this policy is in place! A bonus programme rewards their exam success financially and their success is published internally as recognition.

    Just as important as time and money though is support & understanding from Management and colleagues about the pressures that juggling home, study and work brings.

  6. It’s Your Qualification
    Unfortunately, most of the companies that I have worked for just say –
    “It’s your qualification – your time/holiday – your cost!”
    and a lot of my trainees/students suffered the same comments!

  7. Vocational Study Leave
    Hello – We have a fairly generous programme that is based on a fairly rigorous applications process. We offer a scale of funding based on job level from 25% for Directors, 50% for Assistant Directors, 75% for senior managers and 100% for everyone else.
    Everyone signs up to a training agreement under which they agree to repay the funding if they leave the organisation within six months of completing the course.
    In terms of study leave, all staff are entitled to time off for exams and half day per assignment plus up to 5 days study leave if matched by holiday or flexi leave entitlement. i.e. they take two days in a year, one is provided and the other is holiday or flexi-leave.

  8. financial support and study leave
    ery diverse approach across the conglomerate- some – like other responses- give nothing but others give 100% on work related studies or qualification.
    However many businesses in Asia will only pay 50% at the start and 50% on successful completeion.
    For out Chartered Institute of Management accountants Trainees (CIMA) we offer full support for 3 years with internal transfers to grow their experience and one day per exam study leave. If they do not pass their exams after 2 attempts- we regretfully let them go.- part of the contract.
    study leave is normnally 1 day per 1 exam for other courses.
    Pay back clauses we have found very rarely work- if they are being head hunted and say they owe their old company money the new company just pays up. we are not sure it is a motivator to stay- would rather they liked the job rather than the study!!


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