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supervisor training program


I'm attempting to write a supervisor training program for newly promoted supervisors within my company. I could really do with some help regarding structure and content.
Please can you help???
lorna chappell

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    Lorna, we have been running supervisor training programmes in many organisations over the past 8 years. We believe that the best approach is to get the supervisors to explore and investigate what the job is really about.
    Firstly, we encourage them to look at the job as a whole and to ask questions such as: What do I actually do? What does my manager want me to do? What does my job description say? We have 5 structured tasks that we call core management tasks that help the participants to do this and to explore other aspects important to managers

    We do have a programme that has been designed to meet the needs you specify, that enables trainers to deliver the programme using an Action Learning approach. If you are interested, give me a call on 01772 679950, or email me at [email protected]. We have a network of programme of deliverers, you may be interested in joining this network and using our materials to support your people. In addition we provide training and support for you.

    I hope to hear from you

    Anita Wild

  2. A possiblestarting point
    Hi Lorna
    The easiest way to start may be to contact the supervisors managers and ask them what they would like their supervisors to i. be able to do (skills content), ii. Know (knowledge base, would suggest things like Health and Safety, basic employment law, etc), iii. Gain experience of (to cover things like delegation, interviewing, problem solving etc).
    If you can get hold of the MCI I standards, (the management NVQ standards) you will find these very helpful for content and good practice.
    Perhaps you could also ask a selection of new/not so new supervisors what they would like/would have liked included…

    Happy to discuss in more detail if useful.
    Contact Tom Lane.(tom lane associates)
    [email protected]
    or tel.01472 239628
    mob. 07949 330534
    Have a good New Year!

  3. Suggestion for supervisor training program
    A suggestion is to start with the supervisor job description or targets and try and categorise these into general areas eg people development; health and safety etc.

    You can then write a module for each area which include a combination of class room learning and work based tasks.



  4. Whatever you include in your program KEEP IT SIMPLE !!
    Perhaps you already know what to include in your training program ?, I commend Training Plus by Brian Clegg or The Power Principle by Blaine Lee to stimulate a few ideas on delivery. If you forward me your Email address then I will be happy to send a few example training programs to you.


    Ray Jolly

    Tel: 07941 257409
    Email: [email protected]

  5. Supervisors’ programme
    Dear Lorna

    PMSL specialise in Training Needs Analysis, training design and Delivery. If you decide to outsorce this work, we would be delighted to help you. We would be happy to write you a detailed proposal, outlining how we would approach the design of the programme and the possible content. Please contact Maggie Mosley on 020 8871 5063 or email [email protected]

  6. Supervisor Training Programme
    Hi Lorna,
    Outlook Associates provides training for supervisors/managers in the private, public and voluntary sectors. we make a speciality of working with new and/or trainee managers. We use a standard course to develop inter-personal skills, assertiveness, confidence and a positive use of questions. I find that it is always useful to use the company’s own supervision policy and procedures and to work from those principles, so that new supervisors have the foundation of what the company expects to fall back on. However, I also find that many company’s/organisations do not have a policy. If this is the case i have a selection of ‘healthy’ supervision and appraisal policies and procedures that would meet the needs of most organisations.
    Please let me know how you get on. Also let me know if you would like to look at a sample of supervision course material.

    Brian Goredema-Braid
    Outlook Associates
    Tel: 0121-628-2147

  7. Supervisor training
    Hi, Lorna.

    You might find it helpful to base your training around the requirements of one of the standard Management qualifications, such as the NEBS Management Introductory Certificate or the Certificate itself. You may even be able to use your training to get the staff certificated. If you would like to discuss this further, please email me – [email protected]

  8. Supervisor Programme
    Hi Lorna

    We are about to begin running a development programme for new and potential team leaders/supervisors for our own internal needs – it is part of a longer term strategy that develops people from the shop floor through to the Board. It is drawn from several years of experience of running successful and sometimes not so successful (that’s where you learn!) programmes in a number of companies. We are looking closely at certification of some description through the Institute of Supervisory Management, and using the MCI standards, though our primary objectives are being driven by business needs, not necessarily adherence to a national standard (even though we are working towards IiP!).

    I would be more than happy to share with you not just a programme or an outline, but also experiences of pitfalls, politics etc etc! Please contact me to discuss further – it may even be possible for you to drop in on one of our sessions to see things for yourself. I should point out that we are not a training company and I am not trying to sell you anything, so dropping in on one of our sessions is risk-free to you, and I hope may help develop our respective training networks!

    In any case, good luck!

    Martin Schmalenbach
    [email protected]

  9. Developing a training program for first line managers
    Hi Lorna

    I have recently planned, written, developed and had validated a training program for first line managers within a public sector organisation. It worked and the managers found that they got a lot of learning from it. So alongside the advice that has already been passed to you via thi site please feel free to contact me on the above e mail or phone 01256 602389 (office) I will be only to pleased to explain to you the content of the program that I have delivered.

    Gwyn Thomas

  10. The importance of TNA
    When creating a training programme you do need to make sure you are capturing the skills and competencies required. You need to talk to the managers about what they want the supervisors to be able to do – the tasks they will be expected to complete and in the manager’s opinion the skills required. Similarly to some of the other comments, I suggest you use MCI or NVQ competencies as a baseline.

    I have recently produced a training programme that covers the main areas of: IT knowledge (MIS), Leadership (as opposed to ‘management’), Communication, Performance/People Management. Fenman’s produce some quite good material for trainers which you can dip into and pick out the bits which are of most importance and they have all the material written for you.

    Hope this helps!

  11. Regulated?
    Are you working in a ‘regulated’ environment? ie; one where you have to demonstrate and record training / qualification to a government / trade body. If so, this could be more challenging.
    I’ve been down this road a few times. Feel free to drop me a line if you want some help.


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