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Supporting managers to prepare and evaluate learning


Dear All,

If you are reading this then thank you.

I am in the middle of a large project within my organisation basically revolutionising what we deliver as an L&D function. We are moving from basic TNA and delivering training cycle to trying to make learning transferred effectively into the workplace.

Currently I am preparing to run masterclasses for our managers on what this means for them and skilling them up with this new approach. So what I need to do is coach mangers to :

1. have a sufficient conversation with their team members to assess what they really need to learn and do with the learning.

2. how to prepare the workplace and team for the learning that will be brought back so it can work in reality and not just die a death/be forgotten 2 days later.

3. how to evaluate (linking this back to point 1) that the outcome intended has been achieved.

Has anyone any resources or experiences they could share to help make stage 1-3 easier?

Thanks in advance,


4 Responses

  1. Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom

    Hi Caroline

    I think it is great that you are engaging with this difficult topic, it is so often left to chance. One of the things that I find helps is to provide managers with an indepth overview of the training and not assume that they know what is involved. This could be by an experiential workshop where they test out some of the learning (and can tweak it if they think it is not relevant to their needs) or it could be more of a presentation if you are really short of time.

    I also find that pulling together the training materials into a take-away booklet which summarises all the tools and techniques with plenty of detail works well. This gives the learners a resource pack that they can refer to and the managers can focus on particular sections of the toolkit in their follow up coaching work. When I have done this for my clients the managers have all commented how important the toolkit was to help them to support implementation.

    I would also skill up managers in action learning type activities so that they can work with a group of learners after the programme and get them to focus on how they are implementing skills in practice.

    Hope this helps and encourages others to share ideas – I suspect we are all holding back as practice in this area is not that well developed in my experience so we are all still at the experimenting with different ideas to see what works.


  2. Managers learning about learning


    I’ve been working a lot with some research materials and ideas from the University of Bristol about ‘Learning Power’. It’s really good stuff and I’ve adapted a lot of it to focus on how we can help managers to understand more about the learning process, assess individual and team learning capability and create environments in which learning is better valued and understood. It links really well to leadership, change management and performance improvement too, and I’m pretty sure you would find it of interest. If you’d like to make contact I’d be very happy to share it with you.


    Best wishes,


  3. Managers learning about learning


    I read with interest your reply to Caroline in respect of the above and noted your offer to share with her the concept of the work carried out with the University of Bristol.  Would you be happy to share that with me please? 

    Kind regards,



  4. Managers learning about learning

    Hi Lindsey,

    I’d be very happy to share the University of Bristol research with you…

    If you’d like to make direct contact via our website I’d be delighted to send you the information or, better still, have a call to talk it through.

    Best wishes,



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