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tablets for training


Not the drug variety, but a Samsung Galaxy Tablet: Father Christmas was very generous this year and my old laptop has been replaced with a shiny new Galaxy Tab 2.

Has anyone used one for presentations? It doesn't have the socket for a projector so an adapter is needed....has anyone got a good source for same?


PS Happy New Year!

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  1. HDMI or screen sharing

    Hi there.

    Congratulations on the Tab. I think they are great tools. The hard part is finding the best apps for your purpose.

    I have the Galaxy Note 10.1 and have been exploring various productivity options for work.

    To get your Tab hooked up directly to a projector, you'll probably need the Samsung Galaxy Tab HDMI adapter, assuming your projector has HDMI connectors. I get my cables and connectors on ebay.

    Alternatively, if your room is set up with a laptop on WIFI you may be able to set up a screen sharing app such as Webex or Lync. I've used Webex successfully, but it's not always easy to set up, depending on your IT landscape. My current client has recently rolled out Lync, so they made it easy for me.

    You simply then just make sure the Tab has a net connection, run the meeting from a host machine hooked up to a projector, invite your Tab to the meeting from the host and hand the meeting over to the Tab.


  2. Thanks Jimmyjack

    That is really useful……I tend to travel to different clients so I was hoping to find an adapter that would convert to the "standard" 15 pin cable that most projectors seem to have, I'll definietly check out the HDMI route though.

    Good luck in 2013!



  3. presentation apps

    Hi Rus

    Happy New Year! I have an ipad and I use Slideshark as the presentation app. I have to use a cable adaptor which works fine. The app allows me to synch Powerpoint presentations directly from my PC and it has various different presentation modes. And it's free!

    Don't know if it's available for your tablet but I'd recommend it.


  4. The tablet came with Powerpoint…..

    Hi Sue

    Thanks for this recommendation.  The Samsung comes with a software suite called "Polaris" which seems to be the mobile version of MS office as it has docx.,pptx and xlsx all included.

    My only concern is how to actually link the tablet to a projector.  I'm informe that a VGA cable is available that will simply join the bog standard projector input cable to the tablet so as soon as I track one of these down I should be cooking with gas!



  5. You’ll also need a HDMI to VGA adapter…

    …to convert the digital HDMI signal to analogue VGA. Something like this:

    There does not appear to be a single 'out-of-the-box' solution so you'll also need the  HDMI to VGA adapter (search Amazon/ebay). A bit untidy but the result should be…

    Tablet -> HDMI cable -> HDMI/VGA adapter -> VGA cable -> projector

    The technology should work but I would check everything will work together before spending too much cash!


  6. Adaptor

    For the iPad we bought a simple short cable which plugs into the ipad socket and the projector  plugs into the cable. Mind you it's Apple so it cost £25!

    Samsung don't seem to have thought of this yet.

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