Keeping Data Secure While Running Remote Training


For businesses and employees alike, the lines between office and home life have become blurred. In a matter of months, employees have learned to abandon their morning commutes and office desks in favour of working from home (WFH). However, this shift hasn’t been entirely frictionless in terms of remote security.  Although there are clear benefits […]

Employer Branding. How Companies Draw New Talent


When we think of branding, we think of those tactics that are used to attract patrons and customers to a business, product or service. Branding aims at creating loyalty, trust and ensuring growth. But branding also means attracting the right talent to a companies workforce. Enter Employer Branding. When today’s talented job seekers hit the […]

Why managers need interview skills training


It’s not just candidates that need to prepare for interviews, the management staff that conduct them also need to receive training in order to maintain professional standards. Ensuring a potential employee is interviewed by a well-trained staff member is of the upmost importance in any company’s hiring process. It is vital that the interviewer asks […]

7 Reasons You Didn’t Get Hired For That Job


In the midst of looking for a new job? Are you applying, sending in resumes, and interviewing- only to be ignored by potential employers? Securing employment in competitive industries can be frustrating, especially when you aren’t sure what went wrong. Let’s get into some of the top reasons employers skip over you- and move onto your competition. […]

What to Look For When Hiring a Webmaster


If your business is already blooming, you’re finding it hard to maintain your website, and you have realized that hiring a webmaster is inevitable. On the other hand, should your website have a small number of visits and clicks, that’s an even more urgent reason to hire a professional to do their magic and make […]

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Assist


  Running a business is an all-encompassing task. As an entrepreneur, business owner, team leader, there isn’t just one thing you need to oversee or just one job you need to do. From keeping an open mind and adopting a forward-thinking strategy to keep the business innovative and relevant in a constantly changing market to […]



I have a 10min micro session on any topic but I have no idea on how to plan one I have a 10min micro session on any topic but I have no idea on how to plan one

Should I Disclose Chronic Illness in Resume?


At some point in life, getting a dream job is the foremost priority for many. When we start looking out for a job we often face challenges with respect to job location, flexibility, skills required among others. However, for People affected with chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, getting employed gets a little tougher. After having […]

3 Guidelines For Hiring The Best Employees


When you’re adding to your company, it’s vital that you take your time and put together strategies that will grow your company with some discretion. Bringing someone on board is about more than just hiring some help — it’s about adding to the culture of your business.  You’ll want to follow the tips in this […]

Dismissing an employee during the probation period


In the UK, on average one in five employees starting their new roles will not finish or pass their probation period and move on to other opportunities. In some cases this is the choice of the employee, however, in others the business may need to ask them to leave as they are not suited for […]

Report Writing – Simple Marking Matrix


I am currently developing a programme of learning in two ‘chunks’ – one is for potential job candidates (internal) who need to brush up on their report writing / briefing note writing; the second is from the interviewers perspective – how to mark / assess reports quickly using a marking matrix approach. I am looking […]

Job Sites for Technical Authors


Hi All, We’re recruiting for a Technical Author (f/m). It can be a bit difficult to find somebody, so I was wondering – does anyone have any recommendations for specialist job sites for technical writing that we can post to? Many thanks 🙂 Hi All,We’re recruiting for a Technical Author (f/m). It can be a […]

Training industry trends 2018


Like you, I’m always interested to learn about current and upcoming trends in the training industry. To help define the most comprehensive snapshot of the UK training industry, I would appreciate your time in completing this short survey. All participants will be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad and will also be issued […]

How much would you expect to pay a good copywriter


As per question really.  Obviously it should be cheaper to get a copywriter online, but what would be a realistic price for someone that was good? I mean, perfect English….definitely not spun content, researched etc.  I have a few domains that I want to populate, varied from health to techie-type. I have an interest and […]

Interview with Peter Krumins, founder- Browserling


Peter Krumins is an entrepreneur who is the CEO of world’s leading cross-browser testing platform Browserling. Browserling is a browser testing platform for individuals and corporations and it’s growing in popularity very rapidly, lately becoming top 50k website in the world (according to Alexa). Browserling is backed by top Silicon Valley’s angel investors and now […]

Leveraging Millennials at the Office


The millennial generation (people born roughly between 1985 and 2000) gets a bad rap, often described by older generations as self-centered and disrespectful. While they are often viewed in the workplace as difficult to manage, high maintenance, and disloyal, the millennial generation brings a lot of knowledge and tech expertise to the table. Millennial traits […]

How to write powerful resume summary?


Many resumes still begin with an out of date target proclamation that spotlights on what the job seeker wants to pick up from a job, and typically winds up telling a planned boss a bundle stuff they definitely know, or would accept. We suggest supplanting your incapable target explanation with an intense summary proclamation. Here’s […]

How to Use Behavioural Interveiwing Effectively


Behavioural interviewing has been around long enough now that both human resources personnel and job seekers are well aware of it. In theory, the premise of behavioural interviewing is quite promising. The interviewer asks a series of questions to elicit a clear picture of how the interviewee performed in previous job situations. Unfortunately, the strategy […]

Office Culture: Working Well as a Team


As modern professionals know, office culture requires a certain amount of teamwork. Many modern offices are being designed today with the open floorplan in mind, and even in independent professions, you may find yourself collaborating on teams both departmentally and cross-departmentally. Additionally, workplaces have an increasing focus on the digital sphere, employing more and more […]


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