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What to Look For When Hiring a Webmaster


If your business is already blooming, you’re finding it hard to maintain your website, and you have realized that hiring a webmaster is inevitable. On the other hand, should your website have a small number of visits and clicks, that’s an even more urgent reason to hire a professional to do their magic and make your website visible to the internet community.

The webmaster takes care of what the website looks like to potential customers, and in order to maximize the experience, downloading speed is constantly monitored. Nothing puts off people like waiting for too long to open a page, does it? Also, the software will continually be updated and problems solved as soon as they appear. But, how will you recognize a good webmaster?  Here are a few hints.

Diverse portfolio

This means not only that the webmaster has worked for a lot of different employees, but it refers to the fact the person has experience in building a website from scratch. You can’t always tell what can go wrong with your online presence, so you had better hire someone who is tech-savvy enough to identify the issue, instead of only being capable of (wonderful) designs. If it were the only thing that you need, you wouldn’t be hiring a webmaster in the first place.

Avoid freelancers

True, there are a lot of excellent professionals among freelancers when it comes to website maintenance. However, if that is their part-time job, they are more prone to not giving you the priority which you need. Full-time webmasters are much more motivated and dedicated in comparison to their freelancing colleagues.

Social media savvy

Nowadays it goes without saying, but you should still check their experience and possible strategies you can make use of. It’s essential to gain followers and to keep up with the latest developments in the field, and the rules of the game just keep changing.

A good project manager

A webmaster is much more than a simple website creator and maintenance worker. You probably won’t find a person who knows all the aspects of your job anyway. Instead, what you need is someone who is able to juggle several tasks at once and cooperates with programmers, writers, and artists on a daily basis so as to maximize the results. It’s not about knowing everything. It’s more significant to organize everyone to your advantage.

Using the right tools

According to this website, using the right tools can provide you with a lot of relevant website and domain data to help with website optimization. Feel free to inquire about the preferred tools and ask for an explanation of their preference. There are a lot of excellent choices out there, so you had better be impressed with what can be done with the latest advances in technology.

Timely delivery

Time is money, and being responsive to the demands is definitely a plus. If the webmaster is able to accomplish a task in a timely manner, it’s a clear sign you can rely on them. Of course, the webmaster needn’t be alone in this. If it gets too busy, one can always delegate and deliver the final product on time.

Configuring servers and hosting sites

This is what you should expect your new employee to be doing unless it falls under the obligations of your existing IT sector.

Problem-solving skills

Imagine your worst case scenario and present it to the prospective employee. Actually, try to picture a couple of them to see how they would tackle the problems. For instance, you can ask what they would do if the website was too slow, what if there was a bug on your contact page, or perhaps there occurred a sudden decrease in traffic or conversion rates?

The final word of wisdom: a proper webmaster is worth every penny, so don’t waste time to look for cheaper options if you find the right match for your company. The days of Facebook pages as official websites are over, at least for any serious and reputable company.

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