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Tailored training courses is the perception still one of cost?


Do people shy away from more effective tailored solutions as they believe them to be expensive, time consuming and only suitable for larger companies?  How best do you market the importance of these in the current climate we are in?   do you believe the message is getting through that this isn't the case and can actually aid rather than hinder?
Looking forward to your responses and great thinking!

4 Responses

  1. Tailored training

    I always look at all the possible solutions, including tailored training.  My approach depends on the need – if there is a large cohort then I often find a bespoke group session run on site is a less exensive option in all aspects; time; cost, and most importantly an improved end result.  But so far it has always been a matter of altering an existing course to fit our particular needs and circumstances rather than commissioning an entirely new one.

  2. If tailoring is about having a real impact for attendees courses

    Hi Steve, Possibly the most useful thing I learned about training was from John Seymour:

    "Learning outcomes/objectives should be fixed and the content should be flexible" 
    If you follow this to its logical end you have to tailor each course for a specific group and then the way that course is delivered is tailored 
    with each individual on the day to ensure that their personal learning outcomes are achieved. This refers back to your previous thread Steve,  on the use of learning objectives.
    Is it possible for a course, once written to be right for multiple groups and individuals over an indefinite period? If we train to achieve specific personal outcomes and get the right feedback courses should be changed or "tailored" for each new group as we understand what they require and after every delivery following the feedback.
    The feedback would include what we (the trainer) could do to make the course more effective which is a gold mine of continuous course improvement ideas.
    Cheers, Nick            



  3. Tailored Courses work better

    Our clients want courses tailored to meet their needs.  Many of them do have similar needs (around selling skills, account management, presentation skills etc) but they usually want more emphasis on certain areas and for exercises to be adapted to fit their market. 

    I have applied this approach to my business for 9 years very successfully and I think it applies as much in today’s climate as ever. 

    Off the shelf and open courses do have a place but do not always tick the boxes that clients are interested in.

    When our trainers speak the same language as the client it gives them credibility and ensures we click with the delegates.




  4. Possibly….

    I design courses for a living, and every single one of them is unique. Yes, many ‘customer service’ courses will include similar concepts, as will ‘Team Leadership’ courses. However, customer service in a B2B environment is quite different to that in retail, to that in direct sales. Team Leadership is different in a call centre to that on a production line. To be effective, courses HAVE to be bespoke.

    I think one of the problems is that for ‘off the shelf’ courses, you see a ‘price per delegate’ – lets say this is £100. So if you have 12 people to train, then you are looking at spending £1,200. However, with an open course, the trainer has to keep the examples general and the the case studies vague, so I’m not sure how easy it is for individuals to apply their learning back at work.

    To design a bespoke programme – you see all the development costs, but you also get direct input into the outcomes. It is easier to apply the learning. My point is, surely it is better to spend (let’s say) £2,000 on a bespoke course and have most of it transfer to the job, than spend £1,200 on a course and have only a small amount transfer?

    FYI – here is an article I wrote about the benefits of bespoke design for TrainingZone a couple of years ago.

    Sheridan Webb

    Keystone Development


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