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Taster Sessions


I have been asked to give 2 "taster sessions" to 15 HR managers. Half day each for Train the Trainer and Negotiaiting & Influencing Skills. These courses are normally 3 days and 2 days respectively. Would love some ideas or thoughts on how best to approach this. Bascially the company is "checking us out" - style, methods, content etc with my hope being to then secure some ongoing business. I have already sent them the outlines, learning content etc for the full courses. Hard to know where to pitch this. All ideas very welcome. Thanks Ian

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  1. Wow Factor

    Hi Ian

    For yout TTT session I can offer 4 simple suggestions that I have found have a wow factor when delivering TTT to SME’s or others who have been nominated to be Trainers.



    1) Print some professional branded A5 introduction cards where delegates have to write Name, Company, Position, What you want from this course. (This gives them something to do instead of shuffling around at the beginning of a course) never go "round the room" to hear what they have written. …use nominate method instead and capture ALL wants on a flip chart to show you are serious about addressing those wants. Make sure you cross off 1 by 1 at the end of your session proving you have done what they want.


    2) Introduce "Training" using Think, Pair Share…It shows you can work with groups and can keep 100% engaged and involved.


    3) When you get to the Share stage above…prioritise using Diamond 9…it shows innovation and something different to what they have probably seen before.


    4) Put up a slide with lots of words. Walk to the back of the room and remain silent. After 1 minute ask if anyone would like you to read the slide to them. (Of course nobody would as they can all read) Ask them how many times they have been read to? PowerPoint Karaoke isn’t Training…now show a slide with a strong emotional image and repeat the process…ask how the image makes them feel…

    Lots more but I have found those 4 get 100% positive reactions.


    Good luck



     I have templates and posters to explain some of the above if you we mail me.

  2. ask the company!

    they obviously have some motivation to attend a half day event so ask them what they want….one thing you can be sure they don’t want is a half day sales pitch…but ask what it is they they are after….that also gives them a justification to actually get value out of it.

    You haven’t said whether it is a free taster….if it is, and you don’t get the individuals engaged BEFORE the day, you can bet that quite a number will suddenly find that they can’t attend and have "important" things to do at their desks, so beware planning anything that depends on a given number of attendees.

    Finally, if it is a "taster" then it has to give a taste of the 2 and 3 day events…… if the real events require delegates to climb rock faces then the taster has to include the same things…..I know that is blatently obvious but I’ve been to tasters where the mantra repeated every five minutes was "well, on the real workshop we would……" which isn’t the same as "here is a small taste of the real workshop"

    I hope that helps


  3. “PowerPoint Karaoke”…..priceless!

    That is brilliant, Steve….is it trademarked or can anyone use it?


  4. Trademark

    Funnily enough I thought of it at  karaoke bar when I was singing an Elton John song ūüėČ



    • Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane…la la la (without the bullet points)
  5. Taster sessions train trainer etc

    Good point Rus

    They are  free sessions and that has been made clear in the agreement. What they said originally was that I should try and cover the main learning points of the full versions – that goes with what you said about making sure what is covered on tasters is just that a taster – thanks for input.


  6. Taster sessions Train Trainer etc


    Excellent thanks some great ideas here cheers. Can you email the templates slides etc that you mentioned

    [email protected]


  7. be careful……


    Sounds a bit like they are looking to get you to deliver a "lite" version of your full fat training courses for free…….Oh, I’m such a cynic……….no one would ever try to get something for nothing in these financially difficult times would they?


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