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T&D coordinator/manager job description



I am the newly appointed T&D coordinator for my company. I am starting the department from nothing with a virtually non existent HR department...which is why I was asked to draw up my job description myself...
I don't want to forget anything and yet I don't want to add so much that I won't be abe to do the job: I will deliver most of the training and I work 3 days a week only.
If someone could send me some job descriptions and/or pointers to, I would be very grateful.

Thank you
Elsa Mailloux

6 Responses

    Hi Elsa

    Well done you!!

    The good news is …

    You got the job!!!

    The bad news is …

    You got the job!!!

    I’ll email over a copy of something that may help.

    On the subject of getting of balancing the demands of this role and working 3 days a week let me suggest the work of Dana and Jim Robinson, in the area of strategic business partnering, and also the leadership model posed by Tosti & Jackson – I’ll email something over on both!

    You are going to have to manage the expectations of your bosses carefully, but you can do it!!



  2. thank you


    I’m beginning to regret it already, my nights have been short lately…
    I’ll check my spam box for your documents because I haven’t received your message yet.

    Thanks Martin.

    The Guinea Pig…moi

  3. Talk to people…
    Without being too prescriptive about what you should and should not do, I would suggest the most effective way to spend your time is to talk to all your internal customers to determine their needs and wants from a T&D Coordinator.

    There will be many other valid key tasks that members of our “community” will suggest, talking however is a pretty good place to start.

    Congratulations. Enjoy!

  4. New T&D job!
    Well done Elsa!

    May I add my ha’p’orth?

    Before you do too much, make sure you have your most senior colleagues’ full support, and explicit clarity of vision for your new role and their expectations?

    I fear that without this, any such role can be terribly frustrating and demoralising. But with it – wow! – may the world be your oyster!

    Good luck


  5. update
    Thank you all for your support!
    We’re still at the full job description stage, it’s out of my hands now, I’m waiting for the official version. It looks as if I will be number two in the department after all, but still in charge of the important parts (to me). In a way it’s nice to know the heat will be off me a little and that I won’t be the fuse that needs to go in case things don’t work out 100% at lightning speed since it’s a complete culture change.
    Getting the buy in from everyone should be reasonably easy in so far as, at last, development is introduced at the same time, so staff will see that it’s not all talk just to squeeze more out of everyone.

    I’ll keep you posted when I have more news, off to a CTP assingnment now…uuuuuurgh!

    Thanks again

  6. Manager job description


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