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Team building activity


Hi. I'm two months into a new job & I've just been tasked with coming up with a team building activity for an away day on Tuesday. There are 23 people in the group. Any ideas? Free ones or those that need purchasing I don't mind!
Carson Warnes

8 Responses

  1. Questions ….
    Hi Carson, well done on the new job! A couple of questions first: how long should the activity last? Do you have any specific objective in mind, e.g. icebreaker, energiser, breaking down barriers, encouraging better communication? A little more background will help to source the most appropriate task. ūüôā Thanks!

  2. More info
    Hi Clare

    The duration is 1 hour & the objective is to help people get to know each other. Basically, a whole load of new people have joined the team in the last 2 months. Previously it was a small group. I hope this helps.


  3. team building principles
    Hi Carson

    There are tons of material on this and all emphasise different aspects of team building. Of course they highly depend on team size and the available time.

    We have some team building exercises and products which you might find useful.

    In general go for some creative/competitive excercise. Divide the group into two teams. This way you get them to compete against each other, but they also learn how to cooperate. For example give them 3 simple types of items and ask them to make something large out of it (like a bridge made only with newspaper). They have to be creative and also listen to each other to win against other teams.

    Hope this will be helpful. Good luck for the hunting.

  4. teampedia
    Have you tried teampedia.. some excellent material

    But before you rush off into the sweet shop – do you want a team working or team building activity? What are the objectives of the session? how will you know you have achieved them – more importantly how will your participants know they have achieved them?

    Team activities work best when they are activities linked to the role or job of the team itself, the more real it is the greater impact it has.

    Sure activities can be used for team building, however they often ‘appear’ trite, and you can often get better value by having the team experience real world situations together and solving real problems together – not to mention just spending quality time together outside of ‘normal’ work hours.

    I hope the session goes well for you next week

  5. getting to know each other
    Dear Carson

    As many of the people are new to the team I would sugggest that you focus the activity on helping them to get to know each other better. You could start by asking them to do a pairs interview where they talk to someone they don’t already know and find out a number of things about them such as where they like to go on holiday/their most enjoyable holiday; what they like best about their current job; a person they admire and why etc. About 5 questions is about right. Avoid anything too personal. They then move into groups of 4 where each person ‘intoduces’ their interviewee to the others. You wont be able to ask everyone to introduce people to the whole group as that would take all the available time. You could then move on to one of the fun activities/games that other people have signposted you to.


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