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Liz Delahaye

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Team collaboration activity suggestions


Hi All

Looking for suggestions for a team activity that demonstrates how individual teams need to work together as one to achieve an overall result.

I would like the teams to be split into smaller groups, working on their own and not achieving the desired outcome until they realise all teams should work as one to do so

Activity should take no longer than 10 minutes with a five minute debrief.  There will probabaly be about 20 people in the session.

I was looking at the paper structure supporting an object activity but anything else that you could come up with would be great.


3 Responses

  1. Collaboration

    A common one is Tanagrams. Create a tanagram in such a way as that when you break it into 4 quadrants each has a space or bulge where its neighbour connects. Put each quadrants pieces in a set. Issue a set to each of the teams and say "the shape you are looking for is a square". After a while they will think about the other teams,.First they will look for their piece amongst others hoping to make their own square but then ( just maybe) will realise that actually they all fit together as they originally built them by joining them all together. Easier to explalin that write but I am sure you get the drift

  2. here is one that works well….

    For 20 people divide into four teams of 5



    You need four identical packs of playing cards, remove jokers

    Shuffle all four packs randomly together and then divide into four equal sets.


    Aim ‘to make as many points as you can’


    Earn points by:

    Bringing to me complete suits of cards in order. A2345678910JQK

    4 points for clubs

    3 for hearts

    2 for spades

    1 for diamonds


    Ideally put the teams in four separate but close rooms


    Give one set of cards to each team




    People will usually presume that they are competing, they will also initially presume that each group has one complete and discrete deck of cards and that their challenge is speed.

    They will then realise that their team has not got one deck but parts of several. They will probably start horse trading as each will want the clubs for the higher points.  They may then realise that they can co-operate to get a much higher score as a whole group than three individual teams…


    If they just go with what they have and don’t trade then there are learning points

    If they trade but continue to compete, ditto

    If they sus it out and trade co-operatively they can all get the same score and they can maximise the score available

  3. Great initiative! Considering
    Great initiative! Considering your objective, I’d recommend a ‘Chain Reaction’ activity.

    Each smaller group starts a simple task independently, and as they progress, they’ll realize the need for coordination to create a chain reaction leading to the desired outcome.

    It’s engaging, promotes teamwork, and can be wrapped up within your specified timeframe. Looking forward to hearing more ideas from the team!

Author Profile Picture
Liz Delahaye

Senior Training Officer

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