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Team Development


I wonder if anyone could please advise me of an excellent training provider that could assist with team development of a Senior Management Team.

BACKGROUND - The team is a relatively newly formed management team. The team all have different disciplines covering HR, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistcs and Quality. The team's length of service ranges from 2 months to 3 years, however have only been together as a team for about 6 months with a new member joining the team in the last 2 months. The Company has provided some management/leader development training to a majority of the manger in communication, performance management and coaching skills and also have done some team dynamics training to understand team roles and their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

However i am looking to provide a fun, challenging training activity with the aim of developing the relationships within the new team, improving team performance with respect to communication and leadership.

A member of the team has suggested a ropes course to support this activity. However I have no knowledge of this type of activity.

I would welcome any comments, contact details, etc regarding a fun, challenging development activity to support the delivery of these aims.

Paul Cottam
Paul Cottam

12 Responses

  1. a warning and a suggestion
    Hi Paul
    to be brief, beware “ropes courses”…they can be very exclusive if you have someone who is afraid of heights/physically disabled or even just cynical.
    I would suggest something indoors but active…perhaps more obviously connected to the team and their roles.
    Contact bob arnold…. he has run such events for lots of organisations and is very good at it.

  2. Just a warning
    A while back KFC sent their board members on a team building day – learning to firewalk. Unfortunately the provider failed to deliver to the same level as Anthony Robbins so famously does…

    …and all bar one member of the board recieved third degree burns to the soles of their feet!

    I’d suggest getting a consultant in to actually analyse the team dynamic as it is, then decide on an event that will support some effective team building rather than just using an off the shelf day.

    Please note this isn’t a plug for my services but a quick hunt through the Directories on this site may provide you with the right provider.

  3. be wary of using one activity
    I would also be wary of the use of a team event that focuses purely on one activity. There needs to be a clear balance between fun and development for the organisation to get some benefit. In my experience, teams need to work through the team strategy and ways of working before they can get into team dynamics and relationships. If you help them to gain clarity about their role and how they want to work they can focus much more clearly and honestly on relations within the team. In the spirit of openess, I work for a management development company that specialises in experiential development so we are very used to running active and fun learning events for teams. If you want to call me I would be happy to talk it through with you further with no obligation on your part!
    0117 934 9738

  4. senior team development
    I agree fully with the previous comments, in particular the warning about choosing an activity that might disadvantage some members of the team.

    My addition would be this: In my experience with senior teams, they are fairly pressed for time, and need an obvious result. It’s not so exciting, but I’d recommend choosing a current issue that they have to deal with, and run a day which tackles the issue in different ways (6 thinking hats, role play, group sculpture, whatever pushes them a bit but not too much) . End it with action points which include learning and development ones; and be sure that the action points are connected to their own personal development and to the business.

    This way, they get a work result as well as a development result.

    Have it in a really nice place, not too far, but with the option of an overnight stay (unless there are childcare issues).

    Like Jill, I’d be happy to talk more on the phone if it would be helpful
    01243 371290

  5. recommendation
    Hello Paul
    I can recommend run days/events such as you are after for senior management posts. They have excellent presenters with a wealth of knowledge and skills to offer and will make the activity fun. Ask for Joe Wainwright.

    Bon Chance

  6. A recommendation
    I can recommend Nigel Jacques who’s worked extensively in a number of different organisations including Central Government and Investment banking. He’s done work for me and is impressive.

    You might also consider using an MBTI team development workshop as the activities used are good fun and high impact and offer the delegates some insights which can support their development plans.

    Nigel’s number is 07989844 269. or

  7. Team Develoment for Senior Managers
    I would recommend Barry Williamson Associates, Barry is exceptionally versatile and has done a wide range of team development, and other, training at very senior level in a range of organisations. You can contact Barry at

    Good luck,


  8. Team Development for Senior Managers
    I’d recommend Barry Williamson Associates. Barry has done a wide range of team development, and other, training for very senior people in a range of organisations. You can contact Barry at barry.williamson@virgin. net.

    Good Luck,


  9. Team Develoment for Senior Managers
    I can recommend i2i training, the training arm of Corus the steelmaker. They have extensive experience of working at this level with a number of organisations and will come up with ideas that are not only innovative but also very effective.
    In my experience the experience of the facilitator is far more important than the choice of activity.
    Good luck choosing.

  10. Team Development
    I would highly recommend Megan Borysiewicz Cole for this project. Team Development is one of her specialism having worked closely with Public and Private Sector companies including Centro, Metropolitan Police Property Services, Institute of Financial Services, Bryant Homes … and Cosmos who won an award for industry team of the year following on from the training and put it down directly to the training and development Megan delivered. Megan has worked with me on many projects and is always sought after and is highly in denand for this type of training. If you wish to reach Megan you can get her on email

  11. A game to help the group gell

    I know of a training tool thats cleverly disguised as a game that might be of use in helping a group of mixed talents and backgrounds to gell. The questions range from leadership, to communication, intergrity and diversity and throws everyone together. There are no winners and losers just a lot of fun and effective communication, to help a team bond quickly. If you’re interested in trying something new then contact me and I will elaborate further.

    Good luck!

  12. Team Development
    Hi Paul – lot’s of great ideas and advice already on this string. An eminant German philosopher once said ‘What’s the use of running if you’re not on the right road?!’ – Your Team Development event seems the perfect opportunity to ensure that your Senior Management Team are not only on the ‘right’ road, but also ensuring that they’re all running on the SAME road. I see that they have already completed some time understanding Team Dynamics and if this has not already included Belbin Modelling then I can recommend taking an hour of a session to explore and analyse ‘what’s going on inside the team’ as a very well worthwhile investment of time. Not only will the individuals benefit in building an awareness of THEIR style, but also interspersed with some experiential activities they will become more aware of their OWN style as well as creating an appreciation of their colleagues styles which always guarantees great FUN – but with some SERIOUS learning thrown in!
    I find that a brief look at understanding the stages of Group development (Forming,Storming, Normimg, Performing etc) and taking time, through activities, to analyse where the group is in that cycle is very rewarding and starts to build common understanding and vision within a Management Team.
    If the Team are fit and healthy (-ish!) then a ropes course facilitated and tailored to meet the Groups SPECIFIC requirements always works well.
    Experential learning is very powerful and doesn’t HAVE to be ropes courses – Mobile Team Challenge offer indoor experiential kit which focuses on leadership, communication and team performance metaphors.
    I agree with previous correspondents in that the KEY issue is to ensure that the session is meeting your team’s SPECIFIC needs and therefore I would recommend that a detaied ‘needs analysis and course objective’ should be agreed prior to the event so that it can be tailored to inspire, motivate, energise and bond the entire team. Also a ‘post-activity’ meeting between provider and your Management Team works well to ensure that things learned on the course have been applied to the ‘workplace’ and that the Team Development Course really HAS ‘made a difference’ to the work issues so that there is some REAL return on investment and that it hasn’t ONLY been a ‘jolly’!
    Whilst I appreciate that most Senior Management Teams tend to be ‘time-short’I have found that an ‘overnight’ is SO valuable on these occasions – there is sometimes as much learning and teambuilding going on at the ‘Bar’ in the evening as there is on the course!
    I’ve facilitated similar days with Management Teams from BUPA,3M,RAF,Marconi, Nortel,Siemens,etc – they work brilliantly!

    Further further info on indoor and outdoor experiential learning and on any of the above please feel free to contact me at or visit


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