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team work question


We have a worshop about Team Values very soon. I am in conflict with our team leader because I think he is too much authoritative. A colleague was for a strategy A and me for the strategy B. Our leader decided to go for the A without a fear dicuss, and he asks me to be team player and to work with my colleague on the strategy A. I think that it is not the good way to establish teamwork in the group and I want to complain about that. Am I write or am I a bad team player ?

2 Responses

  1. bad team player?
    Hi lipton

    This is a difficult one…

    The answer depends on – the current (or desired future) culture of the organisation and your motives…

    A leader’s job is to consult with the team (looks like this happened) and then to make a decision (done that bit) – not necessarily to get consensus. That is the leaders has heard the options and made a decision.

    Now the role of the leader is to show you why, and that comes from getting you involved.

    You may well question – but professionally, unless you have an ethical reason why you would not go with this solution, you role is to work with the leader and the organisation to add value.

    You say that the method chosen is a little “authoritative” is this your opinion or is this at odds with the culture of the organisation – seems strange that 2 agree and one does not ?? Why might this be the case?

    Authoritative is not always bad – plus it is all relative.

    A little blunt but that is the bottom line.

    Happy to talk off line if you want – details on my profile


  2. Being a team player
    It is hard to give objective advice without knowing both of you and without seeing exactly what happened. But, on balance, I agree with Mike. I’d add, that even if you are right, life is not always fair.
    I think it might be different if your boss had contravened an organisational policy, but it sounds more like a clash of values or style. Based on that, I would suggest that you are where you are and it may be best to now colloborate with your colleague. If you can find it in your heart, it might even be advantageous to really give it your all rather than just go through the motions. That would show you in a good light, might build some bridges and may make you feel better too, especially if you are going to have to run the workshop.
    I hope it works out


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