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Tendering Opportunities – Finding Them


I'd appreciate advice from those who respond to requests for tender and requests for proposals in their training role.

If there was a firm that emailed you all government tenders etc relating to training each week for a small subscription, would it be a useful service to you? It would mean that you didn't have to search news papers and look at multiple government Internet sites.

I'm researching this for an Australian clientele, but would appreciate your insights.

Many thanks.

Robin Henry

6 Responses

  1. service already exists
    Tenders direct already does this for about £50 a year – they send you a digest according to a set of criteria you choose at the beginning. You still have to search on the EC website if you don’t use their “delivery” service (which costs more to deliver the actual documentation) but it’s reasonably efficient.

    If I might add a grouse, having tendered for a number of public sector contracts, the process is ardous, time-consuming and generally, I think, pretty corrupt. I think small companies mostly don’t stand a chance against the big boys and a number of contract awards seem to be going through the motions – and I’ve also heard this from local government officers!

    I’ve often asked for feedback on why we didn’t get through the initial stages, to be told we were “too small” – and yet when I ask before we submit the initial documentation, they say there are no restrictions on turnover. I’ve given up, for the most part, finding the whole thing irritating, frustrating and not learning much along the way (most procurement units can’t give feedback to unsucessful companies because of the amount of tenders they get in).

  2. Government Contracts
    I have tendered for a fair few contracts in my time and I must admit it is not my favourite pastime. Anything to make the process easier – right from finding out what is on offer (for which we have our own system) – would I am sure be welcomed. The key might be price.
    You probably already know but there are some useful web sites to get information. In the UK there is:
    and in Australia:
    Good luck

  3. Knowing where to look

    As mentioned below its all a matter of knowing where to look and there are a number of tender services that post out the big contact notices in the UK. Be aware that for EU contracts there is just one place you need to visit to find these, its TED

    If you are considering setting up a tender alert site, do bear in mind there may be legal implications of charging for finding work (an issue that dogged TrainerBase in the UK for a while until I got very good legal advice).

    As to the perceived corruption of the tender process within UK local govornment, its not that the process is bent to exclude the small operator, its that it is adhered to that excludes low turnover businesses. There are guidlines about capacity (not sure on the % but between 25 and 40 spring to mind). Consider; you as a provider with a turnover of £50k, will not be awarded a contract of £150k, because it is deemed that you could not cope with the growth.

    Yes tenders go to the same people because they have a capability and the capacity, but bear in mind, their capacity is built on associates (certainly within the training market). I have experience, because these big operators post tenders on Trainerbase, searching for associates to satisfy a need that arises from them being awarded a contract. As mentioned, applying for public contracts is arduous; you would hope it would be its your money that is being spent.

    Hope this is of use, email me if you want more insight into my experiences.


    AKA Ed
    Founder/Editor of TrainerBase

  4. Thank You for Your Comments
    Thanks for your input. There is an Australian site already, but sometimes smaller is better. A focus on training matters could be beneficial and a bit cheaper for the smaller players.



  5. Tenders
    There is a FREE site on which you can both record a range of data and information about your services AND receive almost daily e mails about opportunities in your identified fields.Additionally,the advice given about the bigger fish looking for associates is very,very valuable. I have two clients where I am riding piggy back, AND another where I actually helped to write the specialist pages of the tender bid -equality laws etc. Anyway,contact
    Don’t be put off by the Welsh dimension because their canvass and trawl is UK and International.

    Additionally, the growing number of regional enterprise agencies is another potential source for the future. I sometimes think Robin we should set up an ASSOCIATES ASSOCIATION where we can all share and exchange ideas,work and problem solving

    Best Wishes


    [email protected]

  6. Free Tenders on TrainingZONE
    Don’t forget TrainingZONE has a tenders page, which is free for those posting tenders and anyone replying to them. For more information go to our Tenders page.
    Best wishes
    Claire Savage
    Editor, TrainingZONE


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