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The Adult Learning Cycle



We are reviewing our current tutor's course and one of the stipulations from our governing body is to include Marilyn Taylor's Adult Learning Cycle. I would like to include an exercise that would take the group through the four stages so they could experience going through the cycle themselves (so they can relate to what their new tutees might be experiencing). Rather than re-inventing the wheel, does anyone have something that is already in existence that I could use.


Adi Evans

4 Responses

  1. Juggling

    Hi Adi

    You could give the group 3 juggling balls each and send them off to learn…

    …when they come back after 15 minutes they will be ready for the discussion 

    (Never tried this but it sort of makes sense and fits the brief)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion

    Thanks for the suggestion Steve, I like the idea of a practical skill.

  3. The Adult Learning Cycle

    Hi Adi

    A good question

    The idea I have which may work is that part way through a lesson you handout a piece of paper and ask them to make a paperboat of their own design and leave them to it while you do something else. After a few minutes stop them and ask them how they are feeling, you may get words such as frustrated, annoyed what's the point, enjoyment etc. After this ask if anyone needs any help and if they do give them some instruction on how to make an origami boat as they are working on the boat go round the group to see if they need help or if they are OK. After a few minutes of them doing this stop them again and ask how they are now feeling and capture these words on a SMARTboard etc.

    Then let them continue to complete their boat either using their method of the one you handed out

    After they have all finished  ask how they now feel and capture their words again.

    When this is done debrief the exercise and explain what you have done and why and talk through the cycle and how it can feel for course participants

    Hope this helps


  4. Thanks for this suggestion

    Thanks for this suggestion Martin. I think this will get the learners experiencing the different stages of the ALC and will also give them a practical task to complete.

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Adi Evans

Trainer Development Officer

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