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The algorithm for finding your Self-realization


What is a success, and how to achieve it? Despite the fact that written and said a lot, each of us goes its way to the goals. It's not always easy, not all elections are obvious. We want to help you find yourself and give you the most useful advice on how to achieve your goal. Together we can overcome fears and obstacles, find the potential hidden in you and gain confidence in your abilities.

The article is written with the support of our expert - Olga Smith, coach, HR expert, author of the project

In the previous materials of the blog Olga answered the question whether to give up the development of a new profession that is given too hard, how to return the former productivity at work, to go beyond the limits of its "professional ceiling" and negotiate correctly in order to achieve its goals. We also understood how to act if, as you think, you do not have any significant career achievements.

This time, Olga will consult in the question of how to find her "own" business: what will bring professional realization, maximum effectiveness and confidence that the place that you have chosen for yourself is definitely yours.

"Your" or not?

Let's look at those people about whom we can say: "They are in their place." What are they? What distinguishes them from others?

First, they are good at what they do. More about these people say that they are like a fish in the water. Their natural abilities and potential coincide with the qualities necessary to fulfill the tasks assigned to them. And the accumulated skill, constant development in the profession, the desire to learn new things - all this creates the necessary basis for good results. Even if these people are new to the profession, the lack of skills is compensated by the enthusiasm and pace with which they master a new business.

Secondly, they like what they do. This is noticeable in terms of involvement in their occupation, by how much they are willing to talk about "special" topics for them - those that really fascinated them. Sometimes there is a feeling that they live their work. They seem to be pulsing with energy. And the view can speak about many things. It can be different: thoughtful, burning, interested. The only thing that it will not be - boredom and indifference.

Thirdly, these people are appreciated. They are turned to clients for services, colleagues - for expertise. They are respected and, if they work in the company, they usually try to keep them as long as possible.

Why do people choose a false professional path

It would seem, here it is the formula of happiness - when everyone is engaged in his own business. But, alas, in life we see, rather, the opposite picture. According to my feelings, very many people think that they are far from what they really would like to do. They go to work, like hard labor, perceive it as an inevitable evil. There are several reasons for this.

Lack of belief in one's own talents and abilities

This can be manifested through the thought: "I do not do anything special", "Everybody knows how", "I am the same as everyone", "I am mediocrity". As a result, there is a steady conviction that a favorite thing is for someone special who has the ability. Only they can realize their potential, aim for more, find "their own". Not me.

Lack of discipline and desire to make an effort

Many people are sure that when you do your thing, everything is easy, you get pleasure and feel happiness from the activity. But reality says otherwise. Results, even among the most gifted and outstanding people, are not born on their own. Take, for example, Usain Bolt, the multiple Olympic champion in athletics. If you watch the eponymous film about him ("Bolt"), then notice how much time and effort he put in order to develop his innate abilities, how he worked up to the seventh sweat. Often for success, you need to compete.

At your place: the algorithm for finding your own implementation

Lack of understanding what you want

There are too many opinions around us. We hear the voices of our parents and other important people. Perhaps you are familiar with the message from childhood that work should be primarily stable? Our reality is formed by the environment: friends, colleagues, public opinion. One of the most common beliefs these days is: "Only programmers are making a lot of money now."

No wonder that behind all these voices it's so hard to hear your own. And after all, he is the best person around who knows what you really need and what you can do.

Absence of a true desire to find one's business

While doing business, albeit unloved, we are in a well-known comfort zone. The concept of comfort does not mean that we are comfortable there. Comfort zone means that we are used there. Everything is familiar, clear, perhaps, safe and stable. The course of events is subject to well-learned by us rules, even if "games", which we do not like. And you do not want to leave it for many reasons. Because in the new place can expect the unknown, the challenge, the need to change, make more efforts. But you do not want to. Therefore, we stay where we were, and complain a lot.

Career strategy that will bring satisfaction and desired achievements

If you really want to be in your place, start with these steps.

Step 1. Identify your true talents and strengths

In his book, "Make Your Strengths Work", a sociologist, business coach Marcus Buckingham advises you to analyze what causes you to forget about time, causes a desire to constantly learn new things, and your results in it are constantly growing. Watching yourself for a while and fixing these manifestations, you will very soon be able to form a list of your strengths. Here they will need to start focusing, realize the potential given to you.

Step 2. Train the will power

In order for you to have the strength and perseverance in achieving your goals, you will need willpower. Radislav Gandapas, one of the brightest coaches in leadership and oratory, assures us that you can train your willpower like any other muscle in our body. For this, no special equipment is needed. You can start the practice with trivial, at first glance, things. For example, limiting your time in social networks or reducing the amount of sugar you consume. And as you progress, increase the "load".

Step 3. Look for your element

Of course, you can follow other people's scenarios. But more complete and harmonious your life will be in the event that you find your way. To do this, listen to your dreams. So that they are not lost in the whirling of thoughts, start today to make a list of "My 100 dreams" - from the smallest to the most global, and, without delay, implement them.

Remember what you dreamed of as a child or in youth. Then you did not have any framework "maybe or not", you just wanted it. And more often did.

Also, listen carefully to positive feedback from the world. What your relatives, friends, colleagues mark in you as something very valuable, accessible only to you. Write down their words. They will become useful additional information for you to reflect.

Step 4. Leave behind the familiar life

Leaving the comfort zone is one of the most difficult moments. All your being will resist change, offer in return rest and peace. Do not give in to it. Be persistent and resolute. Clearly formulated goals and an understanding of how to come to them can help here. You can do it yourself or by contacting professionals (HR-manager, if it's about promotion within your company, or to a career coach).

And move to the desired result in small steps. Take the height gradually. Then the path will be given easier, and the goal you will achieve. The main word here is to act.

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