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Time management


I have a time management course and will be delivering next week. Does anybody have any unique activities they would like to share that I could use as part of the training?

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  1. That is a really good way to

    That is a really good way to emphasise the urgency v importance matrix, we will use this in our course from now on.


  2. Time management clinic

    We have used this activity in a recent time management training session and it worked quite well.

    To get the best out of it you would need to get the group to have done some analysis of where their time goes or some type of questionnaire to show where they are strong in time management or areas to improve.


    This activity is similar to an action learning set – this is so that we really get a chance to address their specific time management challenges.

    If you are lucky to have more than one facilitator you can split the group into smaller groups.

    Each person will talk about these areas:

    • What’s working well in terms on time management
    • Describe the situation where your time management is not working well
    • Developmental questions – Each person to ask at least one question (enable a different understanding of the issue…)
    • In addition you may want to add advice or tips
    • What are your reflections?
    • Plan your next steps

    Go round the group and get each of the group to share one area where they are confident in their time management and what they do in that area. (This allows other to pick up tips hints about how other work well)

    Then go round and one of the group will share their time manageemnt areas for development. 

    The rest of the group will then ask developmental questions to see if we can get to the root cause of the problem and if they can think of different ways to deal with it.

    There will then be the opportunity to give any advice, thoughts ideas that the person may want to consider on top of their reflections from the questions.

    We would then more onto the next person in the group and repeat the activity.

    This would carry on until all of the group have had the opportunity to review one area of their time management or time has run out.

    Bring the group back together and share one key reflection from each of the group.

    The candidates will then have time to reflect on the process and what they will be doing in the future to change how they are working. This would be added to their development plan which they would commit to at the end of the course.



  3. Time management

    I'm always trying to break up my work by doing multitasking. Sometimes, a little bit of everything gets done, but it doesn't look like any real progress has been made. I need to do and finish one thing at a time.

    Hence, I started to search for some good time management applications to manage my routine schedules. I found many applications like <a href=""><b></b></a&gt; from Replicon, invoicing apps from Invoicera, etc.

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