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Time management training activities


Does anyone have any ideas, icebreakers and/or exercises for a time management course which I have to run at short notice? I would be very obliged to you! Thank you Thierry

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  1. Fun

    Hi Thierry

    "Activities to have more fun"

    However tempting it may be to want your trainees to have "fun" the chances are if that if "fun" is your intention then thats the last thing anyone will have.

    I don’t know anything about "Time Management" training but I do know that if you make it relevant and interesting and imaginitive then they will have a good experience and probably even learn something.

    They might also have some "fun" but thats up to them to decide, not you.

    As for "Icebreakers" how can you know if they need warming up when you haven’t even designed the course yet? Most people are warm enough without the trainer getting them to do innapropriate activities.

    Good luck


  2. Fun Police

    Yes almost missed it. The "Fun" Police phoned me up and I was straight on to it đŸ˜‰

  3. Possibilities?

    Hello Thierry, welcome to TrainingZone – Virtually the same question was asked some years ago on this forum and the answers there might be of some use to you:

    Alternatively take a look at these:

    The opening section:

    ‘Finish the Sentence’ Activity on the following page:




  4. Time Management home run

    I wrote a Time Management course once that was really successful.  Read Bryan Tracy’s Eat that Frog for some great inspiration.– cvh

  5. Confused

    I must admit to being a little confused?

    Do people actually need training in Time Management?

    Do companies pay for their staff to be trained in Time Management?

    How much does it cost?

    How much time does it take? (Sorry that was  a bad joke)

    I have yet to meet anyone in any occupation that I would imagine needed this sort of training. Some of the stuff people get up to out there is a real eye opener. (Don’t mention "The Martian Game")


  6. Thanks

    Thanks for the link, completely agree with everything you say.

    Don’t suppose you have a blog on "In Tray Training"…another one that has me wondering what councils are spending my money on.

  7. Time Management

     This lecture contains some of the best advice out there on managing your time. 

    It’s the Randy Pausch Lecture on Time Management delivered by a man who knew he had terminal cancer and had only months left to live. As you can imagine he was quite focussed on using his time effectively. Erudite, moving and informed.

  8. We Would Always Need Time Management

     I am puzzled by views of Steve and Andrew here (I read your article). 

    Steve suggests that: "I have yet to meet anyone in any occupation that I would imagine needed this sort of training". 

    Do you really mean no one needs time management?! People can deliver a bad course on time management, but that doesn’t mean a time management course is not needed or is not useful. Look around you. You see just about everyone complaining about lack of time and the sheer amount of stuff they have to do. Ask them if they have to do more now in comparison with what they used to do and again almost everyone says they are doing more. 

    Emails, text messages, communication and accessibility to information are all contributing to the demand. Saying that time management doesn’t work is short sighted and rather odd. Instead we have to see what we can do in a time management course to help people become more productive. 

    The one critical element that is contributing to this huge demand on us is technology and the best way to counter this demand produced by technology is to use technology. So a good time management course must address new technologies that can be employed and used easily and seamlessly to increase productivity. Consider new powerful smartphones, sophisticated calendar software, online cloud solutions and gazillions of extensions, addons all designed to make us more productive. Of course using all of this requires an efficient workflow and that is what we need to teach in a time management course.  

    The view that because some out dated training doesn’t do much and has no lasting effect should not lead us to think that time management is not necessary or is a waste of time. Instead, it means perhaps we need a fresh take on the topic and update time management courses. 

    Ehsan Honary


  9. Save Time

    Any half decent Supervisor / Manager should be able to address this problem so why anyone would need to attend a course is beyond me?

    If you want to save time and money you could download this free book and read it on the train on the way home.

    PS: Does anyone have any evidence of Time Management training in a company that isn’t using government money?

    PPS: Has anyone been on the receiving end of Time management Training? How was it for you? Tell us what you learned that you didn’t know before?

  10. Time Management?

    The major problem with "time management" is the name…..only The Doctor can actually manage time and even he refers to  it as a "wibbly, wobbly ball of timey, wimey stuff".

    ‘Time Management’ is actually about improving your personal effectiveness and getting things done. Some time management courses fail simply because they chunter through a series of tips and hints that don’t suit everyone and aren’t appropriate to everyone.

    In answer to Steve’s question (which is perfectly legitimate) of how much time do you spend on a Time Management course…..I ran one specific mini event "Getting More Done by Dealing With Distractions", I ran this via a virtual classroom so the attendees didn’t have to travel or turn up at a venue.  It was a two X one hour online session that the delegates found to be very beneficial in learning ways to manage the things that stopped them from being as productive as they could be. 




  11. Time Mgt

    Based on the education of the experience of countless time management trainees – yes there is a demand – we have a free resource 116 ideas for managing your time/fighting the time bandits

    We ask participants to choose 5 at the end of a course and then receive from us three months a stamped addressed envelope telling us if they used them,when,how and why etc.

    More details if you want the booklet – [email protected]


    QED Training

  12. 928

    928 people have read this now.

    Surely at least one of them has been on the receiving end of TM training and not just delivered it?

    I really would like to know what "you" learned…not what the Trainers of this subject are telling us on here…


  13. Hmmm

    Its quite a simple question and not meant to be provocotive.

    I have never been on a Time Management course and have never met anyone who has…

    Please let me know what you learned on your Time Management Course? (Trainers need not answer)

  14. Most read article

    I get a pingback almost daily on this article to my blog; and still no-one can answer Steve’s question?


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