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Title for E&D Course… creative juices dried up


OK, so i've brainstormed, sped along the ideas highway, mind mapped and thought showered and come up with nil, nada, zilch.

I want a 'zingy' title and I really don't think "Our customers are unique!" really does it, (though many of our customers truly are unique).

The course touches on fairly basic E&D concepts, but with a focus on improving employee skills when dealing with diverse customers, from all backgrounds, [inserts long list of E&D themes].

I need inspiration!

Please help.
ian stone

6 Responses

  1. E&D course title
    Just in case others puzzle as long as I did, I guess you are refering to equality and diversity.
    How about these options:
    1. Aequus (the latin derivation; ‘to be equal to’, fair)
    2. Life Spice and how to handle it
    3. Every rainbow
    4. Uniquality
    5. =people
    6. Customers: all equal, all different
    7. Equally different
    8. How to flush business away with ignorant behaviour!
    9. Be nice, properly
    10. What we knew at two

    Sorry, my creative juices just went pacific!

  2. How about…
    I use “|Diversity Meand Business” – you’re welcome to that if it’s of any use.

    Good luck with the course.

  3. Further course titles
    What about “Equasity” or “Quaversity” or “Diversequality”?

  4. mental backroads needed
    Hi Ian

    Here’s a couple of techniques to get you off your usual ideas highway (you need the backroads of your mind)

    Two words
    1. Select two key words from your problem area – a verb and a noun
    2. List alternative meanings in two lists for each key word. Use a thesaurus if stuck
    3. Select the first word from each list and combine
    4. Using this combination as a stimulus write down ideas suggested.
    5. Combine the first word from list one with the second word from list two and repeat
    6. Do this with all possible combinations.

    Word diamond
    1. Similar to above but select 4 key words or phrases from your problem statement
    2. Arrange the words in a diamond shape
    3. Select one word and combine with another and write down ideas suggested.
    4. Combine this word with the other two words and write down ideas suggested.
    5. Select another word or phrase and combine it with the others. Continue until all combinations made.


  5. Could you stumbled upon the answer?
    Maybe I need to increase the amount of medication I take but reading your message, “Nil, Nada, Zilch” sounds like a great name for an E&D course – 3 words, different backgrounds but all conveying a message we understand – exactly the outcome you want from a training course for staff dealing with people of differing backgrounds.

  6. Keeping it simple
    How about People Matter(s)?
    I’d love to take credit for that one, but I’ve come across a diversity course in the past called that and always liked it.

    Good luck deciding!


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