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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the IT Market


In 2018, there have been many job options for everyone and they are high paying as well. Presence of a variety of job opportunities sometimes makes it difficult to choose the one that is most lucrative and high-in-demand. So, if you are one of those who is looking for the best job that can give you a lot of money then this blog is for you. Here, we have summarized the best IT jobs to future-proof your career.

List of Top 10 high paying IT jobs

1). Data analysts or Data Scientists

Data scientists are responsible to analyze organizational data as today database is one of the most important parts. Presence of a vast amount of data makes it essential for the organizations to hire the perfect and essential professionals. The data analysts are expected to provide crisp and analyzed details in a report or chart format.

Data scientists get higher salaries and are an important part of their organization. The organizations need an efficient and experienced professional for this job role and therefore they offer a high package to the candidates. It is quite recommended to make a career in data modeling to those, who want to earn higher packages.

2). Hadoop Big Data Solution Architects

The role and responsibilities of a Hadoop big data expert include developing full-stack big data solutions. For this purpose, they have to analyze data sources, preparing technical documents, and the deployment of big data solutions. Also, if you have hands-on expertise in various big data tools then it could be highly advantageous for you.

The big data Hadoop architects have to translate or transform the data in such a way so that it can become important and essential for the organization. Big Data modeling and Hadoop architect jobs are not that much simple and easier instead lots of responsibilities have to carry out by these professionals.

3). IoT Consultants or Solution Architects

Though IoT cannot be considered as a separate enterprise or industry, we cannot ignore the demand and salary packages offered to IoT professionals. IoT professionals have to possess certain skills that are data analytics, networking, hardware, device information, and development as well. IoT career provides a path to the professional that can help them in achieving their job goals.

IoT or internet of things is the next technology of the coming era and you can make the career in IoT just by having the skills like device manufacturing, instrumentation engineering, electrical and electronics.

Possible jobs for any IoT professional can be a sensor or actuator professional or embedded program engineer or software program engineer. They are offered the best salaries among other IT professionals, as the job includes technical skills.

All across the globe, the professionals are offered best salary packages so that they can be hired by the CMM level5 Companies like Deako, June, Particle and many more. IoT professionals can be offered thousands of dollar jobs at any place of their choice.

4). Blockchain Developers or Engineers

To become a blockchain expert, you should have the basic knowledge of encryption algorithms, cryptography techniques, distributed technologies etc. The primary job responsibility of a Blockchain developer includes designing effective solutions by using multiple blockchain techniques or tools. If you don’t have any basic idea of blockchain techniques then join some training program to acquire the necessary basic knowledge.

5). AI Engineers

AI is the latest IT technology that is useful for designing smarter machines. The job role of an AI engineer is to develop effective AI solutions as per client needs and expectations. To become an AI expert, you should have basic mathematical and statistical skills. The person should have basic knowledge of AI techniques, algorithm designing, and deep learning etc. Undoubtedly, AI is the future of IT world with endless job opportunities and growth.

6). Security Architects

Security architect professionals are the most-in-demand ever after the introduction of GDPR, the importance of security and organizational information makes this profession one of the in-demand and high paying jobs.

Security architects are responsible to design, implement and manage the security aspects of the organization and to protect it from any of the outside attacks. They have to make sure that the organization’s security system will remain safe and secure from any cyber-attack.

As every day there is a new potential risk and threat for every organization so the architects are responsible for making the organization security system vulnerable. They also have to ensure the system is updated and have to improve it as and when required.

As IT is part of every organization, so data and information as well. Security experts make this information and data secure so that organization can use the information in a secured manner. Moreover, the professionals are most in-demand and get higher packages in order to implement all security properties. Being a security expert or professional you can get the offers of higher packages and the organizations will provide you with the whole task of security management.

7). DevOps Engineers

The job role of a DevOps engineer includes developing a software and deploying the same quickly. They should have the basic knowledge of DevOps tools, orchestration, and cloud automation etc. a DevOps is responsible for designing the infrastructure of a Company.

So, he should have practical experience with DevOps tools like Git, Maven, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, Nagios, Puppet etc to become a successful DevOps engineer. Also, the hands-on experience with various cloud services like Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS is also needed.

8). Cloud Solution Architects

Today, cloud service is one of the most popular job options and every Company is using cloud technology either to maintain the infrastructure or to manage user services. The services that are popular and most used by the organizations are managed by cloud service providers.

Cloud architects are responsible to manage infrastructure designing, maintaining, building and deploying the services. The services are implemented by using the cloud architecture so the professionals are required.

It is basically one of the most in demand and lucrative job profile and the skilled professionals are getting high packages too. Even the cloud architects are usually hired by the organizations so that they can implement any of the cloud services easily.

In 2018, the upcoming technological era is of cloud technology and among all possible job roles in this category is cloud architect. So, we can say that for all skilled professionals it can be a lucrative one and the professionals of US are earning up to $121,898 per year and more.

9). Java Architects

The Java architects are most popular and get high salary packages. Those organizations that are involved in Java application development and application planning hire Java architects.

Java architects of any organization are expected to design, develop, and upgrade all Java-based architecture in order to achieve organizational goals. In this way, we can say that certified and experienced Java professionals can become a Java architect and get high and lucrative salary package.

10). Full-stack Developers

Full-stack developers are not only expected to be technically skilled or just to have the in-depth technical knowledge, but they are also expected to possess excellent communication skills and updated with all latest tools and technologies. Full-stack developers could be Java experts, .Net experts or hands-on expertise on any other programming language too. They always need to design effective organizational solutions within a certain amount of time.

They need to study business operations and user interface requirements. They have to contribute to analyzing information and recommend any strategic plan as per the requirement. The solution architected or developed by full – stack developers must be within the organizational budget and meet the expectations.

Final Words:

Hence, we can conclude here that there are a number of technical jobs there in today’s world that offer and promise the best salary packages. There are many other types of jobs too offered to the professional sometimes depends on the experience and level of expertise of the professional.

While getting or learning any new skill you can compare the package and your area of interests. A combination of skill and technical competencies can always give you fat salaries. Moreover, there are many skills that can be learned either offline or online, so just upgrade your skill and enhance your career right away. Here, we have listed topmost skills that can provide you better job opportunities and help you in shaping the career, but the list is not limited so go and find the job of your choice.

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    Thank you for sharing this list of high-paying jobs. I think that many are guided by this point, including me. Now I’m at the beginning of my career and I want to find a position that suits me. And this source helped me write a stunning resume I think that this is what helped me in getting the desired position. After all, a resume can help in employment, especially in the absence of experience.

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