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Topic for presentation


Good morning,

I am attending a 4-day train the trainer course and we are required to make a presentation on a topic of our choose for 20 minutes. The presentation should include all 5 senses. Can you kindly suggest some topics for such a presentation?



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  1. Presentation
    O would question a Train the Trainer course that asks you to deliver a Presentation. 2 completely different things. Choose a different provider would be my advice.

  2. are you sure, Steve? Here’s a suggestion Mishi


    a 20 minute presentation in a 4 day course seems not unreasonable….pretty much all trainers have to present something at some stage in pretty much every course, so presentation skills are a legitimate part of any TTT.

    Mishi's comment about the 5 senses suggests that the term "presentation" is a bit wider than 'lecture'….the audience can't feel a lecture so there has to be at least some audience/participant/delegate/learner interaction.



    you might like to use the Knot Exercise that you will find as a download at

    The senses aspects will include sight, hearing, touch and (depending on the rope you use) smell….how you get taste in there as well I don't know!

    Good Luck


  3. 20 minutes
    Hmmm I still think a) Presentation is not appropriate and b) 20 minutes too long as if there are 8 delegates it will take nearly 3 hrs.
    I would be worried about this course.

  4. poor mishi!

    Already committed to the course and potentially now questioning its validity, perhaps our generic debate isn't helpful to Mishi.

    IF it is three hours of delegate "presentations", this represents c10% of the course time…it also provides the trainer with a huge amount of 100% relevant, live material to help the delegates to improve on.

    So long as 'presentations' aren't simply chalk and talk (which the 5 senses bit suggest is not the case), then I'd say it was legit.

    My last word;-)


  5. Hi Mishy – how about a 20

    Hi Mishy – how about a 20 minute presentation on your last holiday

    – what you saw
    – what you felt (in terms of emotions, as well as heat or cold)
    – the sounds of ennironment around you
    – did you try any new food or drink, what did they smell or taste like?

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll have fun and learn a lot.

  6. idea



    For a 20 minute presentation as part of a TTT event, I introduced them to the GROW model and asked them to pair up and practice using the model while making a box out of paper ( they had 10 minutes to complete the task, I supported where appropriate, which left 5 minutes to introduce the model at the start of the session and then 5 minutes to review it at the end. 

    Hope you enjoy the event. 



  7. Learning styles…?

    Hi Mishy,

    Not sure if you can legitimately include all five senses, but how about something on learning styles:



    Kinesthetic (taste, touch, smell?)

    Even though presenting is only a small part of TTT, I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunity to delve into things like nerves, style, voice, questions, engagement and all the ther things we take for granted, so enjoy!

  8. isn’t it telling the difference in interpretation of the line…

    …..The presentation should include all 5 senses…..


    OK, that IS my last word!


  9. 20 minutes
    If the object of the exercise is to determine current training skills level…
    a) Why ask for a Presentation?
    b) Current TRAINING skills can be determined in 5 minutes.
    My guess is the only readon for 20 minutes is “we have always done it this way”
    Last word…choose another provider if possible or get whoever is paying to question course content.

  10. Thanks

    Thanks for all the ideas. The course is being conducted by the internal leadership department of the company I work for as a trainers I don't have much choice there. 

    Scott I love the idea with origami. Will choose a different subject with it as they don't want the presentation to be work related. I was also thinking of using PechaKucha and use pictures from my last holiday. Another idea I had is to do a presentation on 5-minute work meditation to relieve stress at work and include a small demo at the end, which can include most senses. 

    Thanks again!

  11. 5 senses?

    What about the other senses?  Balance is a physical sense.  A sense of justice impacts on people physically as well as mentally.

    This feels like someone's read up on learning styles and packages learning to hit them, rather than based on need.


  12. Most people who read and

    Most people who read and comment on this forum are really experienced trainers / coaches / learning and development professionals (I recognise everyone from many previous posts!). I think we are all being pretty quick to judge the quality of Mishi's particular intervention without understanding the skills, knowledge or background of the participants, the business need or the content of the event.

    I still remember my original train the trainer course. It included making a presentation, learning styles and other theories and loads of other really solid basic skills. I wouldn't get any benefit from attending the same thing now, but at the time it was EXACTLY what I needed. I would recommend it to someone else at that stage in their career in a flash.

    Good luck on your course Mishi.  Whatever is included, I can guarantee you'll come away knowing that there is loads more that wasn't! (And my apologies if this has come across as patronising!)



  13. 20 Minutes
    Whatever the business need and delegate need asking everone to deliver a 20 minute PRESENTATION is lazy, unimaginitive training and is crying out for improvement.
    Not really a good start to anyones journey into the world of training.
    Thats what forums are for…to point out these things.

  14. Doesn’t help

    I understand everything you are saying Steve, and I agree with a lot of it. However, Mishi's dilemma is that s/he (sorry – can't tell from the name) has, is that s/he is not in a position to do anything about it. Instructions have been given and if s/he suddenly starts pulling the process to pieces, it's probably unlikely that s/he will get the job.

    If s/he does get the job s/he is more likely to be in a position to change things from the inside.

  15. Job
    This not a job interview…its a 4 day Train the TRAINER anf Misha has been asked to give a PRESENTATION…maybe Im missing something but I have 2 seperate courses for Training and Presentations?

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