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Train the Trainer


I have 4 customer service reps who are being given small teams - I want to deliver a train the trainer but not overload them on theory - any fresh ideas welcomed
Michelle Roberts

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  1. Train the Trainer
    There are many ways to approach this and many different aspects that you can focus on. If you are aiming to reduce the amount of theory you provide the team, then you may want to consider asking them what aspects they feel they will find challenging and develop the training based around this starting point.

    There are many practical things they can do to learn how to deliver training to their teams. How about having an open discussion session, where they practice delivering certain aspects of the expected training and then providing a critique of this?

    Perhaps you could even provide them with some sort of game or activity that they need to learn as they progress through and you can then discuss ways in which they could improve and also look at things that might have helped?

    Also, we have a complete Train the Trainer training course that you can download and use to run your own training session. The materials are editable and easy to adapt should you need to. You can find out more at

  2. Train the Trainer
    Hi Michelle, I guess it would depend on what they are training. If its one to one training then maybe basic delivery techniques and coaching skills may be approach to take. You could also consider presentation skills – look at simple skills. In the past a client asked me to work with a group of people who were to be key users for a new IT system. These key users would then deliver training to the others in their department as well as offer ongoing support. I trained them in using the methodology of Explain, Describe, Immitate and consolodate. So have them explain to the person what they would be learning and why, describe how to carry out the task, have the person immitate and then consolodate by asking them quations. All of the technical information was chinked down into samll sessions and all of the training materials were written using the same methodology.
    We have a downloadable train the trainer course on our Trainers Kit website, – its a 4 day session, but you may a lot of the information may still be useful.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to pick my brains about the project above if you need to.

    Revolution Learning and Development

  3. Accelerated Learning
    I would recommend starting them on the track of Accelerated Learning methods and as time goes on they can add more to their skill set easily.

    Two good starting points are to read The Learning Revolution by Gordon Dryden and Dr Jeanette Vos – easy to read, informative, and gives a good grounding in various aspects of enhanced learning.

    Secondly, start using Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence model; this is a great way to design training that caters for all learning preferences (I have a handout of this if you would like a copy).

    Nicola Smith
    Oddball Training


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