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Train the Trainer Courses


Hi there I am looking into planning a train the trainer course for a number of individuals in our company who currently have a role from time to time in training. The focus of this training would be delivery and facilitation skills more so than design skills. I am considering using an external training provider for this course. Can anyone reccomend a provider from personal experience? We are based in Northern Ireland so I would need the trainer to travel to us. Many thanks Sinead Walker

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  1. Look for the Institute’s new TPMA certification
    I would recommend looking at the new certification that the Institute of IT Training is introducing for its members, to raise the quality of training in the industry. Its called TPMA and stands for Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment. If you do this, not only do you get the best and latest training approaches, but it also qualifies your people for membership of the Institute.

    Training providers who can provide a course leading to the qualification include ourselves (Happy Computers), Training Synergy and Matrix 42. Trainers who have done TPMA report that it is a big step forward (especially in flexibility) over previous approaches.

    have fun

    Henry Stewart, [email protected]
    Happy Computers

  2. What type of training delivery?
    Hi Sinead, I’m a tad confused. My understanding of your thread is more generic training delivery skills are required whereas the previous poster refers to what seems to be IT skills. Which would address your query most accurately?

  3. Apologies
    Clare, sorry youa re right. Sinead doesn’t mention IT training. I was forwarded it by an IT trainer friend and assumed it was about IT trianing delivery skills. My apologies. Henry

  4. TPMA is relevant …
    I would endorse Henry’s earlier comment about the Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA) service. This qualification is geared towards accreditation of delivery and facilitation skills, assessed in a live environment, and although launched by the Institute of IT Training, can be viewed as a generic qualification and is not IT specific.
    Training Synergy offers a range of train the trainer courses, all of which culminate in an assessment leading to award of the IITT’s Institute Certified Training Practioner (ICTP) certificate. It’s new but the feedback received so far from clients and delegates has been very positive.
    Details can be found on the Institute of IT Training’s website.
    Kind regards,
    Jane McCarthy
    Training Synergy

  5. Train the Trainer
    Hi Seanade
    Developing people into trainers is one of the most rewarding things to do!
    From what you describe it appears that you are looking to upskill people who train occasionally. You may need to consider what is going to be trained so that you can decide on the type of trainer training you need. Perhaps this list will help you decide:

    Topic / Area to be Trained Training Skill
    Practical skill, Admin task One to one Training
    Concepts, theories, behaviours Group Training
    Behavioural changes Role play
    Creativity, consultation, culture Facilitation

    Kind regards
    Maureen Scholefield
    [email protected]

  6. Thanks
    Hi Guys

    Thanks for all the replies. I will take a look at them this week. The guys that will attend this course all specialise in different areas. Some will train on soft skills and others will train IT courses. However I need to get it to a point that they can train each others course when needed. I am really looking for a course that will upskill them in their training delivery skills. I want them to be more skilled with assisting learning trasnfer.

    I have had a look at the Cert in Training Delivery Skills @TAP. This looks to be quite a robust programme. Anyone any experience of this?


  7. NI Train the Trainer recommendation
    Hi Seanade

    I have been working with Allan Mackintosh – he’s in Scotland and travels regularly to NI. You can check him out on – I sell his books on my site (best sellers) too. His phone no. is (0) 776 416 8989

    I’ve a few other contacts in NI, but none I know as well as Allan. Give me a yell if you want any more details.

  8. Recommendation
    I recently used Enlightened for my Train the Trainer course. from your description it sounds like these guys would be ideal for what you’re looking at. Delivery and facilitation is exactly what they focus on with the course.

    The website is

    thoroughly recommend them.


  9. Consultant Trainer
    I too will be happy to help, Sinead, by tailoring a ‘Training the Trainer’ workshop for you. I design & deliver these workshops month-in, month-out, throughout the UK and elsewhere for professional trainers, part-time trainers, and line-managers who want some extra skills to help develop their staff ‘at the coal-face’. The approach is thoroughly practical and activity-based, not merely theoretical and academic. Best to email in the first instance: [email protected]

  10. Train the Trainer

    I can personally recommend Gail Lineham who has a wealth of TtT experience. Send me an email to [email protected] if you want me to put Gail in touch with you.


  11. Highly experienced Train the Trainer trainer!
    I’ve heard many good reports of the one and two day sessions run by experienced Trainer Nikki Ashley, who has run these courses successfully for a wide variety of companies and government departments. She can be contacted at [email protected]. Cheers, Richard Middleton, REDTRAY.

  12. Train the Trainer Recommendation
    Hi Seanade

    I look after training for Minorplanet Systems plc and have used the services of Enlightened Training – based in Leeds but working worldwide – for Train the Trainer. Their number is +44 (0)113 322 0962, contact Alex Vince,

    The are extremely professional and flexible in their approach and the delegates I have placed with them (trainers and those with the need to train from time to time within their teams) have all achieved their outcomes from the training which was delivered in one day chunks. Very valuable.

    Hope this helps; good luck with it!

  13. Train the Trainer Courses
    Hi Sinead,
    I have a team of approximately 25 training deliverers and each one has been through the TAP Training Delivery Skills programme run by the Training Foundation.
    This is an incredibly engaging and in-depth course and helps trainers with both their structure, questioning techniques and delivery skills. I have worked with the Training Foundation for 3 years and their programmes are magnificent. The key faeture is that there is a thoroughly objective diagnostic assessment as part of the programme that means that trainers gain feedback in a meaningful way. This has undoubtedly helped build our trainers’ skills and has really helped to get key learning points across to delegates.
    By using the behaviours, standards and conditions related to solid objective setting, there is a clear link to level 2 and level 3 evaluation. The course has a superb balance of theory and practical exercises and includes a recorded assessment.
    I believe the Training Foundation has now taken close to 20,000 trainers through this programme and I fully understand why. Their methodology is superb, their trainers professional and knowledgeable (and real role models), and there is great opportunities for networking going forward.
    There is also an opportunity for becoming a TAP Partner. They also have clients in NI!
    My contact is Mark Johnson – he can be reached at [email protected]. Their website is
    I would thoroughly recommend them to you.

  14. The proof is in the pudding!
    Hi Seanade,

    I run a company that is a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions offshore. As we operate in an enclosed market and rely on repeat business, the standard at which our trainers deliver is paramount to our success.

    All of our trainers attend the Train the Trainer course at Enlightened .

    To my knowledge this is still the only provider of train the trainer courses in the UK that Microsoft approve in order to meet the skills requirements to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

    The ‘proof in the pudding’ is that their courses teach trainers not only how to best deliver the information required of them, but how to handle real everyday situations that a trainer might face. I have sat in on many train the trainer courses over the last 15 years, some that go in to massive amounts of detail on the ‘psychology of learning’ etc… but as our training courses are high value and open to the public I need my trainers ‘trained’ to a level to which I can see the results of my investment.

    The metrics we recieve following the courses delivered by our trainers that have have been trained with Enlightened speak for themselves. If you’re looking for the best train the trainer course available and proof in the end result then I hope you’ll give them a call.

    If I didn’t believe this was the best course available I wouldn’t part with the cash to send my trainers there!


  15. Train the Trainers
    Hi Seanade
    If you are looking for a robust training programme for trainers then the CIPD Certificate in Training Practice provides an excellent grounding. It gives the trainers Associate Membership of CIPD.

    When you look to providers of this programme do be careful that you are comparing like with like. Whilst the CIPD Criteria are standard in terms of two skills assessments, two written assessments and an integrated project. The delivery methods and duration can differ radically as too the cost!

    We recently delivered a large programme for a client where the trainers could choose between an academically focused approach – the Certificate in Training Practice and the Learning and Development NVQ (L&D NVQ) at Level 4. Both gave the same membership outcome but there was an element of flexibilty in the learning method. For the L&D NVQ we put in masterclasses for skills development and topics such as evaluation.

    Kind regards
    Maureen Scholefield
    [email protected]

  16. Help with finding Train the Trainer providers
    Hi Sinead, I would recommend that you use, which is a FREE T&D sourcing service for Training Buyers. All you do is register for FREE, post your training need as a project and you get tailored replies from suitably qualified providers. You can state location for the training, set a deadline for replies and state a budget. Several of my clients are using it and have said that it has saved them tiime and effort looking for providers. I hope that this is of some use.
    P.S. I am also based in Northern Ireland and am registered with Top Training Broker as a provider so if you post your project I will reply to it as this is one of my own core subject areas.

    Warm regards


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